Scott Westerfield

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Exceptional author, lots of great trilogies and more; all aimed at teens and very modern/edgy and usually involving a social issue in more than one way. Lots more to add, but check out: Uglies, Pretties, Specials and now Extras (for those fans, it's out in October) along with Peeps, The Last Days and the AMAZING, FANTASTIC supernatural Midnighters trilogy. Oh, and So Yesterday is great with a male protagonist in the world of trends and such (even though he's straight).

He doesn't write with too much description and isn't too sparse or trying to be a born again kid as an adult... he uses a ton of humor and relevant cliches (accent on the e) and while otherwise I'd type up a long homage to his books, you should really check them out yourself!

He's not anti-gay at all, but there's hardly any GLBT mention in any of the books, what there is isn't mean or anything but I'd say he is a very relevant, very good teen fiction writer. At this point, a lot of his books are also out in paperback so don't be deterred by hardback purchases or anything.

Oh has some of his personal comments on his books, critic reviews and book descriptions.

Go read him!

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OMG!!!!! there's another one

OMG!!!!! there's another one after specials??? omg i cant wait!!!! i was disappointed about what tally and zane and david had become in the end.

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From the preview I read, at

From the preview I read, at the end of the new edition of Specials, Extras doesn't look like it's a sequel. more of a companion. Still looks pretty cool though. It's set in Japan.

Man, I love the Uglies trilogy. They're not very deep, more like thrillers, but they're so interesting, especially the personality changes that Tally goes through, and the social relevance. Plus I adore alternate-society books, with all the strange inventions.

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kinda... sad

Well i'm kinda dissaponted that Tally isn't the main charector i mean she makes an apperence in the book, but i wanna know wat happens to Tally and david!!UGGHH

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erm, I think it's

erm, I think it's Westerfeld, not Westerfield :D

I don't like people asking me things that I answer with "I don't know", because it's is hard to admit that there are a LOT of things I really do not know of.

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I love Scott Westerfelds

I love Scott Westerfelds books!!
Midnighters 1 and 2 were my favorite but 3 sucked he seems to ruin his last books.

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I prefer the Peeps series to

I prefer the Peeps series to his other series. The every other chapter talking about parasites made the book AMAZING. Midnightners just seems to be the same plot used over and over with different bits thrown in, but it keeps my attention. I am still on the search for the Uglies books, can't seem to find them.