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A second journal in as many days from me wow!I always feel weird about writing lots of journals in a row.I'm not sure why,I think its because I feel like i'm really just going on and on.But anyway I shall continue to write because I just feel like writing!

I think sometimes I am too senimental about things,but I also like that I am like that.Today I was going through one of my drawers and I found a necklace I used to wear all the time for about three years.I literally hardly went anywhere without it on.It is just a little silver horse on a black string thing.I forget why I stopped wearing it,but I put it on today and it just didn't feel right.I feel like it just belongs to another time when I was someone different.It is like I want to preserve it's memory to a time when I was a little younger and a little more innocent and some bad things hadn't happened.I don't know I am probably just being silly,but wearing it just didn't feel right.Maybe I have just outgrown it and that is all.

On another note one of my friends is acting a bit weird I think.I haven't told her out-straight that I am gay but we both talk about really hot girls all the time,and pretty much talk as if we'd both come-out to each other.But lately she has been texting me a lot.Then earlier we were texting about this new singer that she really likes.She had said loads of great things about her including "I think I am in love with her",which was fine but then she followed up with and she reminds me a lot of you.So I asked why and she said she wasn't quite sure.So I just said I'll take it as a good thing since she is so cool.We then moved along with the conversation.I'm not sure if she meant anything by saying that or if I am reading too much into it.
Well anyways I gotta go shower.So I'll say bye=]