She was asking about...WHO???

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Before I start, let me clarify something. I'm only in the eighth grade, and I realize how completely low-on-the-totem-pole it is. I know I'm young, and that, for the most part, my life in middle school probably won't matter that much. I also realize that, when it comes to the more undiluted adult-oriented topics, that if I take myself too seriously, I look like an idiot. I really do. We really do, that is: I've seen some of my peers.

Therefore, if I start sounding like an idiot, you're allowed to ignore me.

So I've always found females easier to get along with, relax around, make my jokes understood with, etc., right? Right. I think it's that way with most gay guys.

And last year, our school got a new student, one with a british accent and a vocabulary to match my own.
Actually, pretty much everything to match my own. Like my double got a sex change.

This year we got put in the same class. With my natural disposition for girl (space) friends, we were talking in jokes within a week.

But now, or so I hear through the female gossip-line, she was asking. About me. Like, if I liked somebody.

*Winces, waiting for you to ignore me*

After an arduous runaround of an interrogation that could've been "20 questions" from hell, I discovered this: that her interest wasn't for blackmailing purposes. She wanted to know if I was interested. In her.
Well, it wasn't actually said per se; it was implied with the subtlety of an cheaply done infomercial.

Is this my fault for seeming too close, and now she wants to know so she can beat me away? Or is it because she

And if she does, how could I ever tell her that, well, you know...
She's really not my type.


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Having found myself in a

Having found myself in a situation exactly like yours several times (except once, when the girl's angry boyfriend wanted to confront me), my advice is to a. stay away from the topic. b. laugh it off and say like 'yeah, sure, you are are my real, true, and only love...just like her, her, her, and her (point at different girls when you do that). c. Plainly tell her that you are NOT interested in that sense, and will never be...that you consider her like a little sister, or your cousin. Repeat ad nauseam. Bon chance, eh?

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I love the way you say

I love the way you say things, LOL. "Implied with the subtlety of a cheaply done infomercial," "Like my double got a sex change," "an interrogation that could've been '20 questions' from hell."

As for your predicament, are you out? If not, tell her you aren't interested in her but think of her as a really good friend. If you are, just tell her you don't like girls. It's really not a complicated decision, though it might seem too easy. If she keeps asking who you do have a crush on, say you don't have one (even if it's not true, unless you're out and want to have someone prying into your personal life).

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Under the hood of all of the societal niceties, there is a reason you are male with female friends who are comfortable around you and don't think you're trying to cop a feel all the time. You know why, and over time, they will understand this pattern better too.

On a subconscious level, this will probably not be a surprise to her. She didn't find some nice, normal heterosexual guy who isn't obsessed with sex, but rather a nice, normal homosexual guy who is obsessed with boys.

The decision is basically whether you want to come out to her (or anyone in general) right now, or not. Just go from there.

The only dick move here is to lead her on and make you think you want to go slow or aren't ready or anything else that keeps her off the dating scene for a day that you know is never going to happen.


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