So you end up in PRISON.

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Let's say you get *thrown in the slammer* (for whatever reason).
Once there, would YOU:

A) BE someone's bitch?
B) Make someone YOUR bitch?
C) Both of the above?

(deep down we ALL intrinsically know our own answer. personally, i know that despite how "hard-core" i may think i am sometimes... i would DEFINETELY end up as someone's little prison bitch. Let's face it: i'm short, quite femme, not too muscular, grew up in the suburbs, never been in a gang, unfamiliar with the most effective techniques to knife/stab/beat someone. i guess i would have to survive jail by being some scary girl's sex-slave... as long as she doesn't make me clean the toilet with my tongue or rape me up the ass with a spoon (i've been scarred for life by episodes of graphic prison-drama "OZ")... i'm cool. hey, if i'm in jail long enough, i figure eventually i would get tough enough to make some newbie girl MY bitch! hahaHA!)

{as a side-note, i don't plan on actually going to prison... i just think it's cool to think about sometimes! i ask all my friends "the prison-bitch question". am i totally twisted? haha. :-D }

*CARE 2 SHARE???* :o)

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Wow! I was just talking about this last night! Anyway, I definitely would be someone's bitch. I could never be scary enough to have anyone serve me out of fear....

I think it would be the best way to go though....better to be someone's bitch than everyone's "play thing"

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good point...

i don't wanna be the prison bicycle- "everyone gets a ride".
i wanna learn how to make a blade out of a toothbrush. (for protection).

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I'm not assertive or cruel enough to make someone my bitch unless they wanted to be. So I guess I'd be someones bitch.

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omg lol

i would probubly end up someones bitch, but it would be someone of my choice :D

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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"someone of ur CHOICE"???

Buddy. this isn't a party. this is PRISON.
u don't get to "choose" who ur gonna service!
if some 300-lb biker-dude named "Chuck" tells u to get down on ur knees... u DO IT and u do it NOW.
:-O hahaHA!

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Chuck sounds hot, ha ha!

*gets down on knees*

Ya...I'd be the bitch.

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Oh yeah... he's definetely HOT!

300 pounds of sweet, pure, burning man-love!
(and by "man-love", i mean "u will be sodomized without a condom")

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but bareback anal by an

but bareback anal by an obese fugitive is every mans idea of true love lol


The Incredible Barralai & His ATTACK cat Killer!

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300 of muscle?

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u can picture "Chuck" however u want to!
just like i picture "Denise"- my scary, tattooed, bandanna-wearing, dyke-mommy cell-mate.
Oh Denise, you're a rough girl... but u like to cuddle sometimes too, don't u? awww... :o)

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Chuck is going to be white bearish and muscle bound.

My other scary guys name is Bubba, hes big black fairly hairless and I'm his *****

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yes.. cuddling is good sometimes

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yeah i guess i would go down on my knees...easier to stab him in the kidneys...or the groin...they'd learn its a bad idea to try and make me do anything...i had this teacher once...tried to get me to do homework...he doesn't teach anymore...he doesn't do much of anything anymore...

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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A lot of dykes work as prison guards.. and I'm not just talking the old fat butch type.. but like cute young ones.. hehe.

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OOOHHH YES! Be a prison

OOOHHH YES! Be a prison guard's bitch!! That would be the absolute best situation I'd get perks! =D

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O.K., when u said "a lot of dykes are prison guards", the first thing that popped into my head was the prison warden lady from CHICAGO. u know, "When you're good to Mama... Mama's goooood to you!" ;-) Hell, i'd be Queen Latifah's bitch any day! (she's a little on the big side, but she's so cool and funny... and maybe she'd even sing to me?) Scorez! haHA!!! XD

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Back at the Convent I had to

Back at the Convent I had to sing that in a 'Pop Idols' concert thing. But us being good Catholics (and me being about 13 at the time) we had to change almost all the words. In the end it just ended up being a lovely song about helping others. Like Jesus would have done.

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LOL! that's hi-larious...

it also reminds me of when i used to go to a Jewish summer camp. the staff play was "RENT", but they had to totally re-vamp the script. they took out all the gay/lesbian/trans characters, sex, drugs, AIDS, prostitution, stripping... it was SO boring. :-(

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So what exactly was left in?

So what exactly was left in? There is officially nothing else in Rent except the things you just listed. Nothing.

We once did a version of Sweet Charity in which at no point ever was it so much as hinted Charity (or her fellow dance hall girls) might even a little bit of a prostitute. I was 'Big Spender Girl 1', which meant I got to sing... Big Spender. Which is of course just about a very nice man.

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Of course.

And that song, 'Lollipop' by the Chordettes? Naturally, it's about candy.

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret

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I'd be a bitch. I hope she

I'd be a bitch.
I hope she would be gentle. Or...less...rough...

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I'd be someone's bitch. For

I'd be someone's bitch. For SURE. I lack the proper aggression and... sadism that would be necessary to do that. I like the idea of making someone my bitch but I don't see it happening. Maybe someday... XD

Sidera cadentia somnos suadent.
(Aeneid 2.9)

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So I think it's safe to

So I think it's safe to assume oasis is full of would-be prison bitches?

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Another Oasis prison

Another Oasis prison Bitch... well more then likely...
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I'd totally be someone's

I'd totally be someone's bitch... I'm tiny and kind of submissive.

"She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep coming back for more
She's just the girl I'm looking for"
-The Click Five "Just the Girl"

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I wish I could break the

I wish I could break the mold and say I'd make someone my bitch, but I can't so much as say boo to a mouse. This is why I figure I'll just avoid jail altogether.

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i guess all of us oasians

i guess all of us oasians are united in our prison bitchdom. not a single person who'd aquire a bitch. for shame. lol. but Im such a pnk when it comes down to it, so i would so be someones bitch

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apparently Oasis is chock-full o' would-be BITCHES.
somebody needs to call in a special guest to facilitate a workshop on how to be tough/mean/hard-core/scary.
how to acquire the "dont-you-fucking-mess-with-me" attitude.
and, how to carve a weapon out of a toothbrush. (just for protection).

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maybe demonika could

maybe demonika could help???
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I'd probably be a bitch, too. I'm just not MEAN enough to make someone else my bitch. I'm a big softie. During the sex I'd probably say repeatedly, "Are you okay? Are you sure I didn't hurt you?" xD

But I could probably make some girl my bitch if I wanted to. I'm fairly tall, and I'm physically strong. Plus I take karate, and that'd probably help.

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT

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Oh definetely someones bitch

I am sooo short and small, but at least I'm strong but that wouldn't change a thing I'm way to nice.....definetely someones bitch!

"I am no more than human than anyone else"
"You should stand back and take a good look around"

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You put me in prison? Hate

You put me in prison? Hate to say it but all o' ya'll are my bitches. 'M sorry, but when I get thrown in jail, I'm gonna be PISSED. and agressive. So watch your collective asses.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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If i ended up in prison i'd

If i ended up in prison i'd steal the quards handcuffs and have some fun..........
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I would definitly be

I would definitly be someone's bitch. I don't like to hurt people, plus I'm not all that dominant. It would be fun though, since she prolly would have handcuffs from one time or another....happy face....

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handcuffs, huh?

and not those fun ones covered in fur and fluff.
the real, hard metal ones that somebody stole from the cops/prison guards...
hehehe ;-)

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Nothing different here. -.- I feel so ashamed I can't be the first person to be all "ZOMG I'D MAKE SOMEONE MY BITCH!!!" Butttt..... I don't think that's gonna happen. But if she's hot and reasonably gentle I won't mind ^^ (I know, I know, I wouldn't last a day in prison. You don't have to remind me...)

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B. I'm totally going to have

I'm totally going to have a bitch. It'll be awesome.

...or...well, actually I'll just not go to prison.

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I have a feeling..

I'd be someones bitch. Without question. I tend to be rather opposing..verbally. But at a whopping five feet four..I don't think any hardened prison mate would tolerate me being the one WITH the bitch...

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lol I'd pretend to be

lol I'd pretend to be someones bitch..then right when I am about to go down on him I'll bite his dick off and then shove it up his ass!

sucka! lol
all i'd do if i was in jail I'd work out,work and sleep..that's about it.Do my time then GTFO! i didn't need no one on the outside and I sure as hell don't need anyone in the inside.

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I think I'll break the mold

I would most definitely make someone my bitch.. i mean hell it wouldn't be the first time.. i can be quite aggressive if provoked.. >.<

|:|I Never Forgot How To Fly, I Just Forgot How To Take Off...What's A Happy Thought?|:|

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and yes, you are totally twisted....................... but i still love you!

Don't apologize for calling me Sir

Don't point your f*%^ing finger at crazy people!