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So I was filling out my application for OSU (Oregon State University) today. It's not my final application because I'll do that online, but I really wanted to know what it was going to be like. So in the section that's about gender, it's got an M box and an F box...and THEN (dun DUN dun) it's got another box with a blank line. Like fill in the blank. I'm kinda happy about this. Just because now I know that my (hopefully) future school is open minded. Yay!


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Hmm that's really

Hmm that's really interesting! Are you sure the blank line was an add-on to the gender fill-in? It sounds nifty but also seems unlikely that a university would do that, especially since the wider world considers that transgenders should 'conform' to their 'choice' so they might be pro-GLBT but be fine with someone being a born female and ticking off male. Except I see the point in a blank line... you should call them up and ask!

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