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So, I have a crush on this AMAZING girl. She is beautiful, funny and nice.... She wears a rainbow belt and low-cut shirts.. She has these really cute black glasses and is always carrying an SLR camera atound her neck. Even though she is a junior and I'm a freshman, she hugs me and calls me "the only cool freshman." Today, I was wiating around in the library before school started, and there she was, talking with some of her friends. I walked up to her and hugged me. She touched my head, which was still wet from the shower and smiled. Then she started playing with some other girl's hair. It was a all flippy, short and cute. She said, "this is the sexiest hair, don't you think so? "yeah, it's really cute." Then she turned, smiled again at me, and said, "poke for sexy" and poked me in the stomach... :D I was soooooo happy..... She called me SEXY!!!!!!! Then she and her friends started talking amongst themselves and I took a Vonnegut book off the shelves, which I had forgotten I'd already read. I sat in a corner of the library just thinking baout her and how she'd never go out with me 'cause I'm only a freshman... But she's so amazing and wonderful and I keep thinking about her(as I have been all day), even thought it's been 8 hours since I last saw her....... Wow, I'm obssessed.... She's just everything I could ever dream of and she's actually paying attention to me. During History and Math, I kept daydreaming about her and fantasizing scenes in which we would find a secluded corner and she would kiss me..... And how then I would kiss her back and I'd be in ecstasy and total bliss.... and how it would feel so much different then the times when I kisssed boys.... I just wish we could have all the time in the world together.....


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That's really cute ^^ good

That's really cute ^^ good luck with superjunior. And btw, wtf is with your journal title? I looked at it and thought, "OMG she's bitching about a soprano/tenor/tenor/bass arrangement of something!" and I read it ant I was so disappointed. I mean, not that this isn't a w00table story (congrats on being sexy!), but I got my hopes up for chorus chatter! xD

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader

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Sorry. I am in chorus, but

Sorry. I am in chorus, but STTB stands for Sabrina The Teenage Bitch (that's what my freinds calls her)

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Oh dear...


Well someone's a little bit infatuated. XD
heh... The Catholic thing we were talking about at lunch is so true.

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Shut Up... :-)

Shut Up... :-)