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So I got tickets to a gig in England (I live in Ireland) in a couple of months!Woo and I might add a hoo!The friend I am going with is the one I have mentioned in many previous entries who I think is probably gay too.We booked the flights and hotel yesterday so it is all sorted.
Last night I went into my mam's room for something I can't remember what.She was in bed and the light was off but she was still awake and I was talking to her.So I said oh guess what me and above mentioned friend are going to a gig in England to see a singer!My mam replies with where are you staying, so I said a hotel,then she says is the singer male or female.I says female and my mother just turns around and says oh you pair are gay.She was kind of joking I think,I don't know!I had my back to her and I just replied with a maaaam!And then I kind of started laughing and she did too.It was a weird moment,then the conversation moved on and I went to bed.
She probably knows,I just didn't want to talk about it right there and then though.


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Whose concert are you going

Whose concert are you going to?

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Brandi Carlile.So far anyone

Brandi Carlile.So far anyone I've told has had no idea who she is.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I dunno who she is either.. but that is a pretty funny slash weird moment. She could be onto you..