Stupid people......

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i dont know why life has to suck so much sometimes...
i hate having so much discrimination in the world..
and evrybody keeps saying just ignore it-there stupid if they give a shit if your gay or not... but its just hard, and expecally if you want to be out of the closet more, but your scared and i am.. i just want it to be easy, why did i have to end up being this way! i want love to just be uncomplicated but its not and being gay doesnt help make it easier... im over fake friends and im over people thinking they can hurt you and just keep asking for second chances... i want to be happy, but its just hard.. and sometimes its to hard. im tired of telling the same people my problems and making them feel sorry for me.. its just if i keep it all inside i just get to hurt and fustrated. i want to be loved for who i am and i dont want the worry of wondering if that person loves you back. i want someone to text me right when i wake up and say they love me, i want someone to look forward to hearing my voice, i want someone to hold me when im sad.. i guess i just want life to be easy and for love to be something that doesnt have to be so hard to find, or for people to be eaiser to trust.. i dont know.. i just dont know


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I agree with everyword

I agree with everyword u've written, and it is true that by human nature we all want to be loved in everyway :)

you dont like, what you dont understand.

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thank you for your reply to

thank you for your reply to my post..

love her purely or don't love her at all

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i think it's everyone's

i think it's everyone's desire just to love and be loved, and we just have to keep fighting the bullshit to get through to it...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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thanks love her purely or


love her purely or don't love her at all