Terry Fox walk

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So today we did a walk-a-thon at my school. It was actually a Terry Fox walk. We walked a little over 5K and i'm tired... i walk a lot but not that much. I kinda forgot to wear socks with my running shoes and i don't tend to wear running shoes so today i was tripping like all day.
I was walking down the main hall and i started to trip but i kinda caught myself but then i didn't i ended up falling. Well skidding falling and face planting. My shoe fell off i slid down the hall a little and my bag went flying... and of course this is during like lunch hour so everyone is in the hall way and like everyone burst out in laughter. I'm okay but totaly embarassed and i'm a little sore ... i didn't help that like the 3rd day of school i fell up the stairs and banged my knee and it's my right knee so it's more dominant.. if i'm falling i put it down first so i fell and got ti banged up again and like it still wasn't feeling the best since the last like it's bruised, tender and sore.
But the walk was long but short at the same time.
I forgot my house keys at home and didnt realize it till like the end of the day so like as im getting on the bus i'm like OH SHIT! my keys! So i'm calling my mom asking her if one of the doors is unlocked (we have 3 doors to the outside at my house and don't always lock them all cuz we don't use them all the time and forget about them). I get home and luckily one of the doors is unlocked.
I just took a shower and finally for the first time since like July shaved my legs... just cuz.. it isn't a perfect or a great shave but it works. i dunno why i shaved my legs it was weird.
i think im gunna go downstairs.. get a drink etc.. hope yall are doing well.


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Bee-otch we're doing ours

Bee-otch we're doing ours TOMORROW! Friday > Thursday.

That sucks about falling :( Maybe a pretty girl saw it and smiled and now she'll see you and smile? TOTALLY.

Lucky with the doors! My house is pretty much along the same door-lines, my mom would be so terrible about locking them though that my dad installed an actual garage-door opener like we had before moving here and presto, no key required YAY!

And shaving mmm, I think the majority of people you'd want to get busy with will like silky soft legs! Have a dandy night!

You're Amazing.