The Agony of Unrequited Love

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I have been eating lunch with a friend and her gang of sophomores since the beginning of the school year and unfortunately I have developed a crush on one of the girls. This girl is the daughter of one of my teachers and the sister of a bisexual girl who I was attracted to. I've been debating whether or not to ask about her sexual orientation because everyone knows that I'm bi but I'm almost positive that the entire group is straight. Ug. Of course, if I did ask and she said that she was straight I would know but if she isn't then am I allowed to date the daughter of my teacher? Would she allow it? And if she isn't straight then wouldn't she probably have already told me? I don't know, I was talking with her and a guy who I'm sort of becoming friends with but who is friends with the girl about being bi and he spoke up saying that he would like to be bi but he was unfortunately straight but she didn't say anything. I should stop analyzing this but its my first sign of hope in a very long time.


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Well, if her sister is

Well, if her sister is bisexual then she probably won't mind being ASKED! At the very least, she would be bothered, but unless she hates her own flesh and blood...

I don't think the teacher would have a problem and couldn't verbalize it without running into lots of prejudice/homophobia problems if it got spun that way by a potential lawyer.

At least you've got friendlies, keep it up and have a dandy day/night =)

You're Amazing.