The devil made me do it!

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I was just sitting in my pew at church with my aunt as usual, surrounded by the people who have help mold me into the good little quaker that I am,preparing to listen to our region choir, who unbeknown to me "SUCK"!

Our pastor ask us all to stand and follow along to the hymn, and I for once look up at the words on the overhead and noticed the teenage girl singing with the region choir! She was soooooo hot!!!!!! In like a church kinda way. Since I was in church after all I tried to block her from my thoughts and follow along with the song! Which was harder to do than I thought. Just as I got ready to look up again, me and the girls eyes meet......oh how awkward.....why couldn't our eyes meet oh say outside of church. I know some of u are thinking how do u know she was looking at u....well I as directly in front of her in the 3rd one close enough for her to lock eyes with in the 1st two rows. By the way our region choir really does suck they messed up all three of their songs. when church was over I quickly left my pew and went to the nursery(as much as I dislike kids they help me stay grounded). After being their for about five minutes I figured that I was in the clear to go find my aunt....oh no, the pastor and friends are all waiting for me so they can introduce her to me. Apparently all the "elders" had been looking for me so I could meet her in hopes that I could make a new friend,oh joy I should've just went out the nursery backdoor.Turns out the "elders" wanted me to talk to her....I guess like to get her into the whole particapating"outside of sunday service". Come on what do I look like a youth counselor...actually I'm in charge of youth affairs at my church and work with "troubled"youth around our community but still doesn't mean I want to take on her case.....Why couldn't she be f-ugly, why do all the youth have to be cute. And of course I had no choice but to say yes to my "elders" Now me and the girl are going to meet twice a week at church.

Finally when I got free of my "elders" I took off to the empty choir room which wasn't as empty as I thought, cuz the girl was their toooo."WTF dude",sorry God is almost what I said. Why me why me, why do I always get put in these awkward situations with hot girls, why not someone else, I know I shouldn't complain at least the girls are hot, but come on I have been an angel all my life(except for that one time with my ex, long awkward story that involves a dressingroom). I do good deeds all the time and I keep my sexuality PRIVATE. Why am I tempted. I'm about to SWEAR like a sailor on Sunday....I can say the devil made me do it! Forgive me now God.