The first meeting with my charity case

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I had my first official meeting today with the girl from my churches regional choir.I found that she didn't want to be stuck at church Monday afterschool, after all she probably had homework judging from the fairly large backpack she had on her back when I picked her up from school. We didn't talk at all on the way to church which was about a 15min drive with afterschool traffic.

When we got to the church,our pastor was waiting with a file in his hand. He wanted me to show her a few examples of cases that I deal with(I think he just wanted to show how thick the file is). After leading the way to the choir room he left us alone to sort through stuff. I showed her where certain cases go since everthing is color coordinated,alphabetized,and cross referenced. I thought I was boring the hell out of her when she was actually digging the whole obsessive compulsive fit. We were at church for 3hrs going over the file and talking about certain delicate cases.

While we were talking she say a case folder that had a black tab on it...that means it has to sexuality! I told her that all cases with black tabs aren't discussed at youth meetings since not everyone in our church is as open;tolerant,but not as open to discussing the issue of sexuality openly. She just happened to mention at that time that her mom wanted her to get involved with youth activites, since she came out as a "bisexual" to her last year. She said her mom had let up a bit since she is currently dating a guy. Then we got on the subject of how she felt about coming out to her mom and why she did it and what her "guy" thinks about her bisexuality! It was all very informative. 1:I know that she has interest in girls. 2:She isn't another one of those I wanna impress the colleges with my involvement with the community. 3:She's very much so "out". 4:Her boyfriend has no say in her what she can and can not do as far as figuring out her sexuality.

When we finished I drove her home. Her mom was waiting at the door and invited me in for dinner(which I stayed for). Then I helped her clean the kitchen. And when we finished she took me on a tour of her house with the last stop being her room. She had a camera in the corner of her room,a webcam pointing toward her bed,fall out boy and lily allen posters on the walls,and last but not least a keyboard by her computer! That is so hot, I'm looking forward to our next meeting,Wednesday.