The Kinsey Sicks - I Wanna Be A Republican: DVD Review

by Jeff Walsh

I'd already reviewed this movie when it was playing festivals, but now you can enjoy the amazing spectacle at home on DVD. For all of the discussions on here about LGBT movie nights and movies appropriate for GSAs, this is certainly one that might not be obvious, but brings up a lot of other topics along the way, which would make for a good discussion.

So, for this DVD review, I'm mainly going to talk about everything else they put together and not the feature itself, as I already enthusiastically praised the movie enough. Be sure to go there to read the review of the feature.

The DVD does have a lot of bonus features that will reward your time. There are two separate commentary tracks, one with the Kinseys themselves and one with the crew. It is interesting to see how the show had to be morphed from its looser theatrical origins to be filmed. That is one thing I still can't get over, which is how damned good this thing looks. It is definitely a film and not some videoed performance that they just released after quickly snipping it together.

The commentary tracks are pretty chatty and informative. You will have continuity errors pointed out (it was filmed over two consecutive nights), and even find out at what point in the show one of the Kinseys broke some nasty wind, which explains Trixie's face shriveling up like she just ate a lemon. The crew track goes into all the details put into the production from the podium having a cross motif like the one used at the Republican convention and how it's hard to film a group that likes to tromp toward the perimeter of the stage between songs for water breaks.

You also get four additional songs, a blooper reel, a behind the scenes "If These Wigs Could Talk" featurette, a multi-angle song that lets you switch between cameras, and the ability to see most Kinsey interview content.

I think the Kinsey Sicks are a national treasure and if you are a college student involved with your gay student group, you really should be trying to get them booked on your campus (there is information how to do all that on their website). It will be an amazing night of comedy, music, improv, politics, and heart.

If you are turned off by the notion of singing drag queens, you just need to get over yourself and give this DVD a spin. It is absolutely hilarious and not only a must-see, but a must-own DVD.