Things You've Learned From High School

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You've all read this journal entry, right?

So what've you learned from high school?

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P.S: Thanks Riku, for making the entry in the first place :)

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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Besides that f'(x)= nx^n-1,

Besides that f'(x)= nx^n-1, (that's like my bible) that:

-Private schools attract posh people
-posh people may be either homophobic or the perfect opposite.
-being the most popular girls best friend means EVERYONE will respect you.
-not having a girlfriend, and checking out guys, means that gossip about you will be about you hitting on a girl, that already has a boyfriend.
- Wearing designer clothes is a way to earn respect.
- Even really shallow persons are able to solve any kind of circuits in 20 seconds, if they try hard enough.
- You'll never have enough time.
- Hugs are free
- Favors, instead, are asked back...after applying a 30% daily interest.
- Being communist will mean you're THE outcast, and if you are not an outcast, you are the devil, but worse.
- Coming out is unethical. Unless you are suicidal, then it's perfectly ethical.
- Valium is like eating a mint on final exams, it will have no effect whatsoever.
- Having a opinion?: What's an Opi-Nion? Is it Prada's new line of bags?!
- 12-year old kids are worse than being in hell. Actually, is there is a hell, it's a 3rd grade classroom.
- Straight guys a HOT. Straight guys have HOT straight girlfriends. Straight guys will always be straight.

And that's about it...but as long as mathematics work, and euclidean geometry is not considered interesting, high school will have been worth.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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-hot teachers are nice to

-hot teachers are nice to look at, but a no-no to touch.

-having an opinion is like having a skin condition, let it show and everyone will stare at you like you're a leper

-making teachers like you is a lot easier when you're actually nice to them

-public school is the breeding ground for anarchy and/or idiocy

-sleep? HA! what a concept....

-god forbid you're the smart kid in a regular class, you're like the school-wide outcast

-(upperclassmen only) freshman drama is by turn funny and annoying, even though it was serious business back then...

-something that felt like the end of the world as you knew it will be old business in about three weeks...

-relationships have the shelf-life of potato salad, and are just as deadly when expired...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Catholic school taught me...

1) Rumour and scandal makes the wheels of school life run smoothly

2) Rumour and scandal derails the people who can't handle their own press. They end up crying in the toilets.

3) There is nothing better than spending a double free on the sofa in the common room spreading rumour and scandal and reading other people's magazines

4) Actually, creating rumour and scandal in the priest's loo or behind the swimming pool is better than double free in the common room

5) Parties were never as good as they're made to sound on Monday mornings

6) In a small school the teachers love anyone who keeps things interesting but doesn't make actual trouble

7) There is nothing as embarrassing as a school disco

8) PE changing rooms are a minefield. A very cold, mouldy smelling minefield. They combine having to take off your clothes in public, with trying not to look/ look like you're looking at girls taking off their clothes in public. But..

9) .. by the time we'd got to year 11 no-one minded that much who was looking

10) Keep people entertained and they won't realise how exposed your weaknesses are

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Number 10

Is my survival strategy for life.

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret

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Playing sports gets you...

-Playing sports gets you on the good side of the faculty
-Sticking with the rest of the "rich kids" makes you popular
-Being on the good side of the school bitch means you won't get picked on
-Teachers leave you alone when you know how to write your notes with your head down
-The girls locker room is nuetral
-Going the long way to class gives you an excuse for being late
-Hitting your friends ass is normal
-Poking someone up the butt with your finger is funny
-Knowing where people had sex in the auditorium is helpful when time for assemblys
-Don't walk away from the hottest girl in school to talk to another girl,you will never have a seat at lunch again
-Keep your sexual orientation to yourself if your not straight
-Cutting in line is all about who you know
-Be nice to the hot lesbian,she will help you when you need it
-Know what went down at Friday nights party

"I am no more than human than anyone else"
"You should stand back and take a good look around"

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well :D

where to start
[] if you look a freshman in the eye they cringe
[]putting purple in your hair isnt enough to get you called gay (i'm trying blue soon) just strange looks
[] the person who does comment wont hear your afirmative reply, makeing it a waste of a reply
[] your favorite teacher wont get you out of stats to watch a movie
[] slip and slides are fun in school, but will get you in alot of trouble, but there lots of fun
[]the heat is on in the summer and the AC is on in the winter
[]even if i stare at the naked ass of a statue in first block no one notices
[]just because its called Great Women Writers doesnt mean its a class full of feminists, even when the teacher is a bit of one
[] if you read in class the teacher wont notice although it will make people around you think your odd
[] a 3 year old cell phone is only good for threatening freshman with
[] when your stats teacher only talks about drugs alcohol and food you wont be learning anything
[] if you want to get jumped (tempting) be out and proud and walk down the hall where the mineys hang
[] when you have a friend who just got out of boot camp who's fine with your sexual orientation you dont worry about getting jumped, cause he'll do worse back to them
[] dont try to walk down the frshamn hallway, unless you have someone big who will push them out of the way for you
[] yelling blasphemer in a freshman's face and pointing at them makes them more confused than they already are
[] you CAN make it from one building, grap your books from your locker, grap a snack from the lunch room, talk to your teacher, and make it to the end of the other building with a minute to spare
[] if not beg your favorite teacher for a pass
[] if you fall asleep in the back of a science room and the teacher doesnt see you get up say you didnt get a late pass and then go get one :D
[] if you master sleeping with your head up you can get through any class
[] when your class president is a bush suported and a by the bible cathloc its more fun to not tell him your gay and let him say things like "so whos this girl you like?" when he walks into a random conversation and start cracking up till he walks away than it is to actually tell him and see the look on his face
[] fanatical methodists are fun to piss off, if your willing to sit through a really long prayer they HAVE to say for the state of your soul at the end
[] its also fun to skip the coin they give you into a lake :D
{} ipods are best hiden in swaetershirt hoods or sleevs. unless you have a cool teacher who doesnt care
[] when said ipod is the shuffle its fun to get a teacher to try and wipe all the songs off when he doesnt have the right cord :D

thats where i'll end it nice and long and amuseing and i agree, the hot teachers are nice to look at but you cant touch, specially if there married :(

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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another one

[] when a fight breaks out during a football game cheer for the hotter one who always ends up with his shirt off by the end :D

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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~most clubs start out fast

~most clubs start out fast but end up disintigrating soon after
~when you are a freshman that hangs out mostly with upper classmen, you get shunned by fellow freshman
~when you sit in the same spot every day to do your homework pepole might start to think you are weird
!it is easier to get on a teachers good side if you act enthusiastic about whatever they are teaching
~telling people your grades when they are always really good might piss them off
~people need to wear deoderant more often
~the most efficient way to skip jazz band is to have your band teacher schedual it on the day you have an away game far away
~if you are honest all the time, it will bite you in the ass
~not having a lunch can make you faint repeatedly
~global history teachers are creepy and plain weird
~it is hard to be taught by teachers who have accents
~Writing BITCH on a piece of paper and thowing it at said teacher with an accent is no way to get her to like you
~getting injured makes teachers more sympathetic
~sympathy makes them move you to the seat closest to the door next to the hot girl in the class
~smaller classes make it harder to not pay attention
~being a teachers pet can have its benefits
~being a teachers pet can also make classmates hate you

there is more but i think this is enough

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-no matter how hard you push, you cant fit more than one freshman in a locker
-if all your teacher talks about is drugs, alcohol, and food he probubly wont notice you reading in the back of class
-makeing the teacher feel like an idiot when you show everyone what he did wrong on the calculator isnt always a good thing
-when you get a guide to your calculator that you shouldnt have, dont mention it
-if you erase a whole page out of the text book, say you got it that way, even if it is brand new
-when all you do at your club is talk, and only one person works, and it isnt you, the club is a sucess
-said person who does all the work may have a grudge against you, but thats how high school is suposed to work
-filling a locker with jello is fun
-as long as that locker is no where near yours
-water bottles work well to

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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in a southern private school

in a southern private school ive learned:

-if you catch a girls glance at least once, shell always look back at you again.
-it doesnt matter how many times youre late, teachers always give you the death glare as you walk in 5 minutes late.
-if what youre talking about has nothing to do with anyone elses business, its not important and no one will listen to you.
-if you dont care about teenage gossip, youre an outcast.
-if you do something to get a teacher to hate you once, she/he will always hate you.
-if youre "mysterious" people will want to know your business.
-theres always someone who asks about the test a teacher forgot to give.
-if you dont talk about a hott guy/girl every 5 seconds somethings wrong with you.
-asking teachers if they need help with something in class will get you out of learning.

i cant think of anymore..

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~Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!~

I'm in a southern, catholic high school, and you hit the money, haha.

~Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!~

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My Middle-School Interpretation

These get sort of cruel by the end, but....

-Rules don't count. They are only for the five people who already obey them

-The law of averages has no hold in the classroom. You will always be picked first.

-Showers are no longer needed. We now have body spray. *Nervous twitch*

-Once you gain someone's trust, you can get away with anything.

-The higher a teacher's expectations of you, the lower your grade.

-Self-esteem will get you a good college. Thinking will get you funny looks.

-Most students' grasp of the English language has rendered them completely incapable of communicating with anybody over fifty who hasn't had the proper training.

-Current affairs constitutes sensory overload. To prevent the consequences of said overload, the evolved human mind's knowledge of the outside world extends only as far as it is allowed to go by Entertainment Tonight.

-If you, by some curious freak of human intelligence, understand what's goind on in the news, you are to be looked at, with slightly glazed eyes, as some sort of genius.

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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Very true!

Oh my god! I so agree with the body spray/showering thing. I remember so many Axe fights in the hallway! Hilarious.

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it.

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What i've learned from being a dork in high school

- never trust the pretty ones
- there are about 5 popular groups, and surprisingly the best one consists of the dorkiest people who party harder than rockstars.
- do NOT speak, listen to, or know any drama. life will be SO much easier.
- the hottest girls are always touchy feely.
- that can be torture or heaven..
- networking is important
- the unpopular nerds can sometimes be total assholes (sadly)
- no matter how many openly gay people are at your school, coming out still feels impossible.
- high school is neither heaven nor hell. its just an uncomfortable and stressful waiting period until you reach college.
- freshman suck. they multiply by the day and wander like lost sheep in the halls.
- SENIOR YEAR IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reciting shakespear in the middle of class will get you strange looks
Reading, memorizing and reciting Longfellow will also get some looks
teachers often frown on students who bring a two-liter of mt. dew to class on the first day... and drink one a day for the reast of the school year...
the GSA is comprised of 2 Gay, 6 bi, and 23 Straight (most of whom come for the food and leave after 15 minutes)
You can avoid a lot of trouble if all of the security guards know and like you
Said relationship with the security guards will automatically get you blamed if anyone in any of your classes get in trouble
asking teachers to call you by a name that is commonly associatedcd with the opposite sex

the end.. for now
Don't apologize for calling me Sir

Don't point your f*%^ing finger at crazy people!

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-High School is a breeding ground for germs... once you see someone sneezing away or coughing it up, stay AWAY from them or your immune system WILL deteriorate!
-If you get sick, take tissues around with you for your own sanity.
-A lot of people consider it normal to burp/belch/emit flatulence at any or all times... *Is disgusted*
-Sometimes you will be the only person in a classroom to have the opinion that you do... avoid fighting for it unless you're in your last year!
-Tall non-social outcasts of any order have slightly more authority/presence than non-talls. Just watch us clear a path through the little children.
-If a room reeks or someone nearby does, sometimes it's better to point it out than have something think YOU do...
-Actually eat food, having your stomach growl is monumentally embarrassing.
-Teachers don't like reteaching lessons, so if a new topic/subject is introduced... save the dozing off/skipping class/whatever for *another* day!
-Unless you have a uniform, where something different each day. If that's not the norm, make it your norm and you will become more attractive to everyone around you (except whoever washes the clothes maybe).
-AVOID MAKING FUN OF OCCUPATIONS - you NEVER know what someone's parents do or what someone aspires to be!
-Cherish the people who make you laugh.
-Deal with the people who sincerely bother you, sooner than later. That means either sort out the problem or mentally go over what you need to do.
-It doesn't hurt to write an answer down before you put your hand up to say it - forgetting what you were going to say is sad.
-At the end of the day, fuck everyone else - YOUR grades are what counts... at least in the final two grades/years. Up until then, suuure spread the love, but everyone in high school is competition if you have aspirations that involve competition to get into a post-secondary program.
-If you wear a watch you'll be happier and more stylish and more talked to.
-I don't care if you dislike reading, pick up a novel and read it so you can have something to talk about because at SOME point you can refer back to it.
-SOMETIMES SILENCE IS BETTER THAN SPEAKING. You don't have to chatter off about meaningless, thin topics just for the sake of it.
-Even if your high school has cliques, you do not have to conform to one of them. If you think you do, something is wrong with your mindset.
-THE PRETTIEST PEOPLE WILL BE UGLY AT SOME POINT OR ANOTHER - don't be swayed by a gorgeous person asking for a big favor, especially if they've never done anything for you.
-Teachers really do have difficult lives, the less you annoy them, the happier they are, the better your mark is, the happier you are :)
-For all you know, someone in your classroom was raped, had an abortion, sees a psychologist weekly, is heavily medicated, has a mental handicap, had a family death or some other *unseen* trauma. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY LABEL SOMEONE A 'BITCH' OR 'ASSHOLE'.
-Put some thought into your money at some point if you haven't already! Even the wealthiest of us will have concerns at some time or another (even if it's just figuring out how to use a credit card or expense account).
-Think about what you would do if your parent(s) was/were suddenly dead - not lovely, but planning ahead isn't a bad idea.
-People who DON'T try look totally, utterly pathetic in some way to anyone who DOES try.
-Say thank-you or thanks or you're welcome or some kind of polite response when someone does something helpful. Please.
-Tampering with school property can get you into a lot of trouble - don't risk ripping apart a locker for a prank.
-Literally clean-up messes you make, the hallways aren't your garbage dump!
-Don't smoke.
-If you know you're going to get drunk or high, make sure you have a phone readily available or are with someone who you can ACTUALLY trust. Don't get drunk and wind up missing an important event because your 'friend' drunkenly locked you in a basement or something.
-Avoid getting addicted to coffee or soda/pop.
-You can afford to shower/bathe every day, so at least do that.
-If you forget to get someone a present/card they can bear a grudge for an especially long time =)
-What someone says on the internet doesn't necessarily correspond with what they would say in person. Don't blow up over a mean word on MSN.
-If you can't type without looking down... try to stop.
-Everyone likes gossip but getting a story completely wrong can damage your credibility forever. Oh, the irony.
-If you want to get sexual with someone, do something in public first so they don't cry rape if you do something in private...
-If someone slanders your name or shunts undue blame on you, defend yourself passionately and if it's serious, your parents WILL be on your side, so don't hesitate to call them.
-Blood is thicker than water unless you're in super-Christian land.
-If you beat someone up/laugh way too much at someone being beat up or insulted... they may never let it go!
-Use lotion if you have dry skin, lip chap/vaseline if you have dry lips. Dry skin or infected parts are probably the grossest everyday high school things. Acne can sort of become tolerable by the masses, swollen or bloody limbs are no problem; dry/chapped/scally skin can just seem unhealthy or even poor.
-Remember to ACT YOUR AGE sometimes.
-Don't leap outside your economic boundaries if you can't literally afford it. I.e. 'Rich' kids may like you a lot, but if they all go to dinner and you only have $25 then WTF are you doing?
-If you don't understand something, try asking a teacher AFTER CLASS if you'd feel off-put asking aloud.
-In the world of teenagers, there is definitely strength in numbers.

You're Amazing.

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yeah, blood isn't thicker in super Christian land, thats why i avoid it when I'm down, and blast a path through when i feel like havening some fun, crazy religious people are fun to mess with :P
beating up freshman will get you funny looks from your friends, even if you know the freshman
begging a teacher for a pass will work most of the time, make sure to suck up to them even after they agree to give you the pass cause otherwise they wont give you one for awhile
learn to copy that teachers hadnwriteing so you can stop sucking up
its good to have more than one teachers handwriteing mastered for your passes
being a senior and claiming you dont have anymore classes during the day will get you out of trouble in the hallway, but not when you arrive to your class late
**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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What I've learned...

I've hated school ever since I was 4 years old...
The only thing I managed to learn was "RUN, DUCK, COVER."

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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--If you have gum, everyone

--If you have gum, everyone will attack you for it. if your the stingy type, say you got it from someone else


"Duck tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together."

"The best way to do is to be." --Lao Tzu
"To do is to be." --Freidrick Neitzche
"To be is to do." --Emanuel Kant

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ah. what I learned from high school...

1.) If you read during slow periods in class, you will inevitably be labeled a nerd.
2.) To say that you don't support the home team is suicide.
3.) People, especially teenage straight males, are rude. This is a fact of life.
4.) It is almost always best to agree with the teacher, because they are right just about 85% of the time.
>>5.) But don't agree if you know for a fact that the teacher is dead wrong.
>>6.) Or, if the teacher is a Christian bible thumper telling you about the evils of society, he is almost always wrong.
7.) Being different will not only get rumors spread about you but get you funny looks and nosy people asking you questions such as, "I saw you holding hands with some guy on Friday. Who was he?"
8.) When being publicly ridiculed, it is always best to walk away and tell yourself that it's ok, because you know that the jerk will be reincarnated as a tapeworm in the next life.
9.) Not all of the people who say you are their friend are actually your friend.
And lastly,
10.) Your lover and your friends are the most important people in your life. <3

"A fish pitched up
By the angry sea
I gasped on land
and I became me."-- Bokonon, Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle"

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lol your so funny I've

lol your so funny I've learned all of that crap.... oh and now I have random guys huging me from behind I'm like ewwwwwww.....

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well let's see...

1) ETTIQUETTE: if your teacher drags you out into the hall and tells you that you have an attitude problem, try not to smile/laugh...

2) NUTRITION: one serving of mac & cheez from the caf contains more butter than you should prolly consume in a week... that's why it tastes so good... and that's also why there is obesity in america...

3) ANGER MANAGEMENT: if some bitch ranks you out, you may get really pissed, but remember that fighting in the caf/courtyard/halls will only draw negative attention and can get you suspended/expelled if it gets physical.
even if u are blatantly dissed to your face, just laugh or give the bitch a bored look and walk away. if you are a girl, go into the bathroom stall (the one place where you can be ensured true privacy, and where they can't have security-cameras) and rank the bitch out behind her back in the form of grafitti. use a permanent marker, and write your concise message in big, clear lettering such as: ALICIA ROSENBERG IS A FLABBY DOG-FACED WHORE. *always remember* to use your non-dominant hand (your left for righties, or your right for lefties) or change your writing style, and trust me, nobody can prove it was you. plus, if u hate this bitch so much, there are prolly tons of other people who hate her as well. it could have been anybody, right?

4) ROMANCE: be very cautious about dating/hooking up with people who go to your school... cuz if it goes wrong or you become repulsed by them, *remember* that you will have to see them every day (mon. - fri.)... :-S

5) SUBSTANCE ABUSE: a lot kids come to school under the influence of drugs. duh, why do you think they call it HIGH school?

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1) Making friends with the

1) Making friends with the hyperactive nice girls is definitely recommended, even if you hang out with the manson lovers/metal heads/emos/goths.

2) Sometimes it's incredibly therapeutic to just let loose and do something incredibly random, even if it means weird looks from people.

3) Reputations and all that jazz are important in highschool, but don't take them too seriously. Popular girls fall from grace much easier than you think.

4) Make friends with the teacher. Even if you're the kid who puts talcum powder in their coffee or clogs the toilets, BEFRIEND THE TEACHERS.

5) Saying your book got stolen from your locker is a good excuse, rather than "I lost it".

6) Don't stick to one clique, pleasseee whatever you do!
You're missing out on meeting some incredible people, so what if they dress different, play sports, play video games, listen to different music!

7) Be nice. Seriously. Nice people don't usually get rumours spread about them, which is good. Also, if you're generally known as nice, you're more likely to get away with mischief, AND make friends :)

8) That ONE exam isn't the end of the world. But if you DO get a good mark, be sure to show your parents. It makes them proud, or something.

9) Statistically, there's probably one or two other GLBT's in your class, and quite a few pro-gay people (unless you're at one of those super-catholic institutions), so if something is said, or if it's appropriate, don't be afraid to speak your mind.

10) Coming out is different for everyone. Just because one person got kicked out, doesn't mean you will. Just because one person became magically closer with their parents/family, doesn't mean you will.
If you DO come out in highschool, don't think everyone will know and that gossip gets around. Often, it skips ALOT of people, especially if you're not the super-popular-zomg-shes-gay person :)

11) HIGHSCHOOL CAN BE FUN! I used to fucking hateee it so much, but find some friends you can have fun with, and make it exciting. Run around at lunch and pretend to be deer defending your turf, or just sit and chat and whatever. Don't think it's hell, or it will be.
Make something of it!

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Grammar School Taught Me...

Right so I've just finished watching 'If...' a film from 1968 and recognised in my own school life some major vestiges from the old days of British public school- the Founders' Day address for one thing. Jesus, I’ve sat through something more or less identical. Actually Founders’ Day in general.
Obviously most of my 6th Form experience was totally different from that film- I went to a mixed day-school in 2007, but it was run by the survivors of boys' boarding school from the ashes of a boys' public school and all that entails.

It taught me that even 50 years after the decline and fall of the old Public school system the faint whiff of pointless starchy tradition, snobbery, Anglicism, staggering acts of petty cruelty and barely suppressed homoeroticism go hand in hand with Shakespeare worship and a working knowledge of the Classics.

Also that everyone in the Combined Cadet Force is highly questionable.

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A few

Caring about something too much makes people afraid of you.

If you're quiet, people automatically assume you're smart.

If you want people to come to a club meeting, say there will be food. (If you want repeated attendance, actually provide the food.)

Art studios are wonderful places to hang out.

Extra credit always seems more difficult than regular coursework. Don't rely on it.

It's really fun to have a birthday at school. Suddenly everyone loves you.

It isn't cool to use your locker, but it does save your back.

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-question beliefs and you

-question beliefs and you will recieve dirty looks

-speaking up against offenive jokes will also get you girty looks

-talk too much and recieve strange looks

-talking too little also inspires yet more strange looks

-never eating lunch is perfectly fine while skipping it for a day makes you anorexic

-get good grades and the teachers will think you're an angel, allowing you to get away with anything

-if you get good grades, be prepared to be used as a human encyclopedia and to be met with genuine surprise when you assert that you don't, in fact, know

-your weakneses WILL be exploited

-being talked about is inevitable

-your favorite teacher is always the one leaving next year

-keep your distance from the boy's bathroom, there'se always something gross going on in there (books peed on and left on the floor, shit smeared over the entire bathroom, ect.)

-some people actualy don't know who marilyn manson is

-avoid showing your report card whenever possible, good grades tend to bake people mad

-everyone is always high

-and they can't hide it for shit

-and then they try to tell you you're the one on drugs

-when there'se a sub, someone always tells them wat we were realy doing

-when we mere mortals date a "popular" kid and no one will believe you

-no one's prejudiced, they just think that their race/religion/whatever is better than the other ones

-if you sit at a different table at linch, even if you have friends there, no one will talk to you

-no matter how mean someone has been to you, if you deny them a favor then you are a bitch

-be a mindreader: what was acceptable yesterday is ot necesarily acceptable today

-listening to a friend make a sexual joke only to find that the teacher was standing right behind them can be the funnyest thing that happens all year

-don't assume you know where you stand

-is it just me or are the first formers shrinking?
I can remember a place I used to go
Chrysanthemums of white, they seemed so beautiful
I can remember, I searched for the amaranth
I'd shut my eyes... to see

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lol got a few more

~subs will always believe you if the lie is believable
~when your a senior you dont actually have to show a pass, just claim you have one very confidently
~it hepls to have a spare to show whatever loser teacher is asking to see it
~the freshman are small, so watch where you step, there hard to get off the bottom of your sneaker
~if your a senior its ok to be mean to freshman
~its actually expected :D
~nomatter how mean you are to the freshamn it is still funny
~well, maybe not to the freshamn your picking on

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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-Haha, Freshman are my bad

-Haha, Freshman are my bad habit. When you're the quiet gay chick with the book, they don't usually run...Until they find out you're best friends with the gigantic captian of the football team. Then their eyes shine with respect.
-If you're nice, the teachers let you do anything. Even if that means you do absolutly nothing in class for two weeks.
-If you're not happy, fake it until you are.
-Chances are that if you have a crush on a teacher, so does somebody else you know!
-The things that go down in Freshman health go down in history.
-If you're quiet until people get on your nerves and then you yell, everybody listens.

- - -
Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
- I had a GREAT time with...them.
Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!

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the one thing i learned from school:

that we spend almost half of our years studying and learning things just to be able to survive, have a stable job and get to eat at least 3 times a day.

The statement below false.
The statement above is true.