Tila Tequila

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So...if anyone can explain this Tila Tequila thing to me...I'd really appreciate it.

Am I not supposed to be a little put off by it? Because some of my friends seemed a bit surprised that I didn't think it was some powerful commercialized leap forward for the acceptance of homosexuals within society....
Is it wrong that I kind of wish that she would get squished by a mac truck so that I'd never have to listen to my suitemate discuss the episodes?

I like my suitemate, I've been hanging out with her a lot--really, she's a sweet kid, but she has a lot of strange questions about the gay thing. The kind that make me halt mid conversation and stare at her.

Her response to my comment about not being too keen on the Tila Tequila thing while we and a group of friends were watching the VMAs tonight was 'But I thought you believed in bisexuality?'
..um...yeah...yeah, I do...but...it's not a belief really, is it?

My question is, how the hell did she manage a whole year of Mills before now without having any exposure to the queer community?

I'm just not used to being asked some of the things that she asks--I feel like I have to do a lot of random and complex explaining about an issue...that I don't feel is all that difficult to understand.

And...I feel like I'm being asked to speak for the whole queer community--and really, I can only speak for myself and discuss how I feel and what I understand...difficult. Awkward...strange.

But...yes, Tila...wtf is up with that?


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I have no clue what Tila

I have no clue what Tila Tequila is... just read that name for the first time in your journal and started to wonder what it was and what it has to do with queer????

Try not to let the stupidity of your suitemate bother you too much...
Good luck! and don't let her push you to speak for the whole queer community. she has no right to do that.

We have all been injured, profoundly. (Donna Haraway)
I Am Out, Therefore I Am. (Okay, mostly.)

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My suitemate is sweet,

My suitemate is sweet, really, just rather uninformed about some things. I find her inquisitiveness rather refreshing (most of the time) and our shower schedules never overlap.

Tila Tequila is...some kind of myspace celebrity who's getting her own show in which she has men and women vie for here 'love'...it's marketed very oddly and the advertisements...eh. I feel kind of bad for bringing it up now. The less people who know of its existence the better.

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Tila...Tila, you are so not a bottle of tequila..

I don't have any reason to hate her particularly, but since she is a myspace celebrity, I have a feeling she is doing the Men+Women thing for popularity, and shock value. Not because she is interested in getting someone she loves. Really, Bachelor/ette shows never made sense to me. The only one I thought was funny was Flavor of Love..I was sick when I watched that though..