Tyne Daly and Christopher Seiber

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I saw Tyne Daly and Chris Seiber today! I went to the Broadway Flea Market. Very Fun. I got a free Mary Poppins soundtrack. Ironic because I actually hate Mary Poppins.

School is very tiring and boring and has a lot of work.

Dancing is amazing.

I'm going to see Across the Universe now. I've heard from people that it's amazing. I can't wait.


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Omg, I wanna see that movie

Omg, I wanna see that movie SO bad, it has Evan Rachel Wood in it she's sooo hot!

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ZOMG CHRISTOPHER SEIBER!! I LOVE THAT MAN TO DEATH!!!! I WANT HIM! GIMMIE!! I saw him in Into the Woods, and I woulda seen him in Spamalot, but they understudied him =( ah well. I have him on both soundtracks, though. That man is the shit.

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I love Julie Taymor, but that movie seems like it will be a bit too much for me. We'll see. Probably wait for DVD.


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