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So this is an update, even though everyone I used to talk to that used this site is rarely, if ever, on anymore. So many things have happened in the last month. I have gone to lake tahoe for a sick Mtb vacation, I got a job working full-time at a bike shop in seattle, and i have now found the seemingly perfect house for me in the greenlake area of seattle.

I have this friend, kari, who is bi, and she is totally wanting me right now, and i mean totally. the thing is, i want to be with her too, or maybe even another girl, jessica, but the problem is, I am more gay the str8. So Ive been wondering more often lately, what am i?

Anyway, that gay friend of mine I was supposed to move in with, well, he hasn't called me back for a week. I had interviews for several places in greenlake/ seattle today, and I think I found the perfect place. I was driving back to north greenlake to go and run around the lake, when I got this call from a glbt guy that had posted an ad for wanting a roomie in north greenlake, where I work...so I was like, yeah, I'm definitely still interested, and it turned out, I was right by his street...fate? I think maybe...it was an awesome house for 500/ mo. So I might have to check it out. and the roomie was 'queer' as he put it, so that might be a good match, not to mention i might be able to start dating if i lived there...oh, there was also a cool lil park right across the street from the house and that was cool as well.

both place i looked at and had interviews for were within a 15 minute bike ride from work, so that would save me gas $$$ in the long run, I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.