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Okay, I just realised what I titled one of my last post. "fucking best friends" sounds like I'm screwing on of my best friends. Wow...and I call my self dirty. I seriously didn't catch that until now. Lame...

So, in other news, there is nothing going on around here. Seriously. I have science homework to do, which is pissing me off. I love science, don't get me wrong, but every class I've taken since freakin 8th grade has started out with a freakin quarter of review! We're going over the differences between qualitative and quantitative date, and I'm like "I learned this in 7th grade...taught it in 8th...and the rest of the losers in my class don't remember any of it!!!" What the hell is wrong with people!? Why don't they remember this shit?

Anyway, we have to practice our scientific writing. Which is fine; it's fun. But my teacher (who has an awesome Indian accent...she's from India, so yeah), wants us to write no more than a page, describing our rooms so that "I feel like I'm walking into your room." I'm like, "In a page? You've got to be out of your mind!" There's no way I can do that in a page! Either tell me to do a rough sketch of my room in a page, or let me use 10. I'm seriously going to hand in a single page, typed, in like, 8 pt font. That'll show her!

Things seem to be going well with T; nothing's happening with Ethan, and R is...well, R is R. Things are kinda rocky, but we'll survive.


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I did read that in your last

I did read that in your last post :P
Good luck!

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