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is there any reason why i can't post a journal?

every time i try to post one, it tells me something about a spam filter and to try again in a few minutes...

am i the only one getting this???

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I get that sometimes, too.

I get that sometimes, too. Just be patient, and try posting again in a few hours. It's really frustrating. If you can't be on for a few hours, I'd just copy it into word (or whatever writing program you use) and past it into a new journal entry later.

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I asked Adrian about it. I think it is checking a different server to check if posts are spam, and if it can't contact that server, it defaults to not letting you post. should resolve that soon.


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Yeh i have the same problem

Yeh i have the same problem sometimes i just copy it close the window and then open up a new one and try again.
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