You Poor, Outnumbered Soul...

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I was, my day off having hitherto bored me, browsing the Macleans website, when I stumbled across a roll of photos from Ottawa's last pride parade.

Among the other pictures, I found this one particularly heart-warming. Take note of the lone protester to your left.

I actually felt kind of sorry for the guy. He must be feeling awfully inadequate, with his drab, black-and-white sign.

So it was a bittersweet kind of heartwarming.
That is, if heartwarming could possess taste.
Which it can't.

So, to summarize, I'm feeling pretty good about it all, right now.

Anyone else have something to say about it?

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In his mind, Jesus is standing next to him, though. Of course, hanging out with a majority of men and women of questionable reputations was sort of Jesus's thing...


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Actually, that is pretty amusing xD he need a hug.

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Only if it was from a woman,

Only if it was from a woman, though. Jesus did not approve of man-hugs.


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Aw, how cute. The protester

Aw, how cute. The protester wants to be in the parade too!

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Silly protester....

That sign would look "fabulous" with an assortment of rainbow colours...lets pimp his sign everybody!

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Are we sure he's protesting

Are we sure he's protesting and not just pulling a new twist on an old favorite? Maybe he's just a very literal person is the loneliest number......

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Well, if he is just being literal about it, he's doing it in an awfully muted shade of pink.

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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Clearly, he needs our help!

Clearly, he needs our help!

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aw poor guy, i wonder if it

aw poor guy, i wonder if it says the same thing on the other side cause right now it looks like he likes lesbians fine, just not guys :D
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