4 years, 3 friends

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Since I started high school, I've had three friends die. I just found out that my friend Pat is dead. I'm sick of this.


It took a while to hit. I was cold all over in shock and then bam...tidal wave upon wave until I was finally curled up in my bed. I was sobbing and in so many pieces for quiet a while. And now I'm tearing up still, but numb. I was on the phone with the girl I'm in love with...

I've got a friend who every month or so get into this depressed funk and wants to kill himself. He's one of my best friends. He thinks I would be okay without him. That feeling that loss would not effect me.

When will people realize how precious life is and that there is no time for stupid mistakes? So saying things you don't mean just keeps you from the things you should be saying. Time is so elusive and can be taken away so quickly. If you love somebody, no matter how badly it might hurt if things don't work, you should be with them.

My father died when I was a freshman. I'm still not done mourning. So I have lost 4 people. One a year. In a world so cruel, what is the point of loving?


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*hugs* I'm sorry. I hope

*hugs* I'm sorry. I hope things get better. <3

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oh babydoll, i'm so sorry.

oh babydoll, i'm so sorry. *hugs*

i'm here if you need me.

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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I'm so, so sorry to hear

I'm so, so sorry to hear about your loss.

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*hugs* I'm so sorry that

*hugs* I'm so sorry that this has happened.

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