Across the Universe, Panama, and Sickness (deadened is the soul)

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My weekend was... Interesting... Well, it was one of my good friend's birthday on Friday. I went with her and some of her theater friends to a Halloween store and then to see Across the Universe. I can see why she told me to see it. It was brilliant. One of her friends gave her this disgusting doll that's supposed to "rattle and coo" or something like that, but it actually speaks Gaelic.... Don't ask... After the movie, I went to her house. She read me some of her journal... It was pretty funny, when I was listening. I was actually tired for a change... I dunno. I just sat on her bed holding her pikachu thingy... Fun times.... Well.... Saturday, I went to my dad's house..... I never really enjoy going there, as my dad can be an asshole... But he had people staying at his house. Interesting people. My dad's the president of the board of an NGO in Panama called CREA
One of the founders (they're a brother and sister) is getting married to a San Franciscan... Her brother and his wife are up here for the wedding. They've been staying at my dad's house. They are going to go to Los Angeles to speak to some schools about the organization. Unfortunately, I got really sick Saturday. (Okay, that's an overstatement. I was sick). My throat was raw and painful and I was really dizzy all of the time, and had an ache in the front of my head that just wouldn't go away. I was pretty much infirm most of Saturday and all of Sunday (until 9pm, when I decided to get my butt in gear and start my homework). This morning, I had PE. 1st Period. Okay, it's not as bad as 0 period, but it was still all foggy and FRREEEEEZZING!!! Well, it was cold for around here. It's nothing compared to other places. But we had to run outside the entire time..... Not fun, not fun at all. The pep rally was disgusting and excruciating. I'm sorry, but anything that involves Green Day, Whipped Cream, Musical Chairs, and Cheerleaders is not my idea of fun. My row of cynical Freshmen basically hid behind everyone, trying to ignore the idiocy that surrounded us. Though it was funny, at the end of musical chairs, when there were only two people and one chair left, they started dragging it along with them and dropping it and falling over..... You kind of had to be there. In choir, my throat hurt really really badly... I'm still sick. But I sang... I wasn't that out of tune. Or maybe it was just that my entire head was so stuffy that I couldn't hear myself. On a completely separate topic: I've bee recording this song that I wrote, and my guitar teacher asked me to email it to him when I finished. Unfortunately my lesson is on Wednesday and I'm nowhere close to being done. My guitar doesn't plug into this computer, and I didn't have any time to work on it (AT ALL!!!) Oh my god, I may just be starting to have a little glimmer of a life..... Well, I'll finish recording sometime. I should probably either go to bed or do the rest of my history homework. I think bed's going to win. I need to finish my book.....


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Well first of all, treasure that memory with pikachu-thing on the bed, it sounds blissful for you! And second, hmm about this friend sharing her journal with you! Maybe she meant something deep by it? Maybe not, but imagine if she did!

We had fog in suburban Ontario too, yippee! Not that cold at all though, but running in cold+fog sounds icky, unless you manage to collide with a crush :)

I LOVE MUSICAL CHAIRS!! I always suggest it as an activity in extracurriculars, but everyone gets all antsy! Have a dandy day, pursue that glimmer and surge forward with your guitar and I suggest you invite some friends to the movies this weekend to solidify your happiness for a MONTH and lock in your friends for all time (in high school land)!

You're Amazing.

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Yes, people who agree with

Yes, people who agree with me on the subject of pep rallies and aren't related to me! It's just so much /fun/ to have the two earliest P.E. periods, isnt' it? -.-

I can't write songs, or anything approaching songs...and I can't sing, either...I can play piano! Sort of.

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Aaaaawe. I know you can

Aaaaawe. I know you can sing, I've heard you. I actually find PE first okay, because then I don't have to dread it all day long.