ahh life.

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I haven't posted on here in a long while. Sorry about that.

Lots of stuff going on.

I bet some of you may have been wondering about me and a certain person, well, if you haven't heard already, John and I are together now. <3 In fact, we'll have been together a month this Sunday. :D Time flies when you're with someone you care about. I love the way he makes me feel, I love the 2 hour conversations we have late at night, he's just an amazing guy and I wouldn't trade his love for anything in the world.

Junior year at my conservative Christian hellhole--I mean, school...is turning out to be quite interesting. Classes are alright. I don't like my Theology/Religion class all too much. The teacher is a nutjob, as all the religion teachers are. He's funny sometimes, but he rants way too much. He gives us the same old "government is lying to you, society is evil" speech every day or so.
Some people are starting to become a little bit more interested in my love life. And they have no right to be. They ask questions like, "I think I saw you holding hands with a guy on Friday. Who was that?"
And I usually respond with a cheerful, "Mind your own fucking business."

Work is...hard work. Nothing else to be said about that.

So there is my life at this moment in a nutshell~


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Aww, that's wonderful. I

Aww, that's wonderful.

I actually really enjoyed the Bible course at my Christian private school. The instructor was very liberal (cute little old pastor guy, you'd never expect it-- I came into the class fully prepared to hide under my desk as he flung flaming bags of bigotry at me) and taught a non-literal perspective, which shocked quite a few of sheltered Santa-Jesus kids in my class. All of my term papers were basically rants about how ridiculous religion was, and he loved them.

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You Make me smile so much

You Make me smile so much hehehe I have to write here some day...