Apparently she's bi-curious....

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Welllllllll..... i told that other girl i used to like that i can't date her... and she was cool with that. She said that she was going to say the same thing.

Now i like this girl who is apparently bi-curious, according to her best friend. which is cool, yeah, but a) i don't know if it's true and b) i can't date anyone until after the fall play. (director's rules. breakups affect the performance, she says.) so if it's true, i definitely want to ask her out, and i really want to talk to her about it, but i've got to wait until november 18. i'm scared she'll say it's not true too. and apparently she gets the "i like you" vibe from me.

I lack subtlety. Big time.



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Woo, that's great that you

Woo, that's great that you have a potential date for future! You should talk to her before the 18th if you haven't already hahaha. If her FRIEND told you she's bi then odds are good so I'd avoid approaching her *about that* and instead ask her to see a movie or otherwise and it'll be clear but not invasive in the sense of 'so I hear you're gay, me too, let's hook up!'.

Could also write her a letter. And pfft, damn the director, they can't see EVERYTHING, go after her in advance!

You're Amazing.