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Hurray no more catfights! Jesse and Sarah made up today in front of everyone. I'm soooo proud of them. So now that we are all cool the three of us are going to a party friday together,Jesse winked "together". Anyway Jesse's birthday is tomorrow and I don't know what to get her. Last year I got her some art supplies from some fancy art store. I'm probably just resketch a picture of her,paint it,and have it framed!

Speaking of being artistic my old elementary school music teacher asked me if I was still playing piano and writing lyrics. I told her that I still play the piano from time to time but I stopped writing lyrics, that I now just write down music,that I haven't been inspired to write any lyrics. Of course she says that I need to get inspired soon,the sooner the better she says. The thing is the last time I wrote any lyrics it was for Jesse and then we broke up and I lost my so called "inspiration". But hey Jesse lost her inspiration also because she dropped art when we broke up and she hasn't drawn since.

Anyway thats all for now