Avatar Problems

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Hey reader,

So for the past hour or more, I've been trying to configure, condense and analyze all of my lovely little avatars so they fit the parameters for the site. The thing is... they do. But they aren't able to be uploaded. Some of them work, but the nice animated ones that wind up under 30mb and 75x75 still won't take. I even altered one to fit the stats for a working animated avatar and it still wouldn't work, the only difference was frame count.

I've tried uploading them to photobucket and then uploading them here, but no dice either. I tried getting individual images, merging them as an avatar and uploading to no avail. Then I tried http://www.gifworks.com to get it condensed but nooooo good.

I'd like to say it's something wrong on my end, but as far as I can tell, the avatars are even less than the maximums and the single pictures that are MORE than that even work so HELP!