Because a Real Title Would Have Required Energy

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I'm feeling pretty good about it all, right now.

Because right now it's quiet. Because, right now, it smells like leaves outside. Because right now, I'm. Peacefully. Alone.

Smells like rotting leaves, and not of the unmovable, unstoppable life of the weekday.

Not of the crowd in which I couldn't talk to, and disperse crusher's ill-placed affection; or the barren-feeling soccer field which, in the end, we just ended enjoying. Oh, damn.

Not like the locker room: a potent combination of too much deodorant, and too little. Figures everywhere. The underwear model's, too.

It's a very small locker room.


It was with this exact image of him in the locker room, (give or take some creative license), gently infused into my retina that I departed for my walk home to school.

In which I smelled those leaves. See? It's all coming full circle.

But that's not important. What is, is that something's happened with one of my story ideas.
*Waits for impressed gasp from the audience.*
*Hears a cricket.*

Well, anyway, It's cleared up, somehow. Matured. *Wrings hands*, it might very well be the first one I've had like that in months! Years, maybe. Decades?
No. That wouldn't quite jive with my age.
I stand self-corrected: I don't remember having a story idea like that in my life.

*Funny little metacarpal-only clap* I'm so excited!!!


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i know exactly how you feel

i know exactly how you feel about the story idea.

i have funny little jig fits every time i get's rather amusing.

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!