Best day, Start of grounding, New job?

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I'm grounded, as of today. For one month (until my birthday).
And I don't even CARE!
Only recently my social life has kicked it up a notch and its been great, but now I'm grounded and its just like "Oh well, who cares?"

I've thought of a few reasons for this.
Perhaps because I had the most AMAZING day yesterday.
I saw C, we hung out allllll day. And went to Newtown and Sydney and Hyde Park and stuff.
My god, I swear, every time I see her she just amazes me. The more I get to know her, the more we seem so much alike.
We both feel basically the same way about relationships, music, girls, life in general, hahahah.
We just talked all day, I don't think I've ever been able to talk to anyone so easily, and I don't think I've ever felt so secure and safe and comfortable with anyone before either, I can't explain it.
I've only known for what, about 2 weeks?
But she knows things about me that some of my closest friends don't even know.

Anyways. Yesterday was just plain amazing, we hung out with her ex for a while (which is funny because we've talked about her a bit and it was funny to meet her, she's pretty cool...and overwhelming, hahaha)
And then we headed into the city and had half a pill each, C bought a belt buckle and we held hands and made our way to Hyde.
Then we had 2 cones each and got up to walk to the station and hugged.
We didn't stop hugging. Haha. We stood there for about 10 minutes and people took photos of us and stared but we just hugged standing in the middle of this massive park XD

Then we got a train home and there were so seats, so we sat behind the drivers carriage in the big space and we were tired but feeling incredible (because of the drugs, mostly. But even without them I would've been pretty damn happy!)
And we sat on the floor and she lay on me and I just held her, which I never get to do because I'm always the smaller one.
Then we swapped and I was leaning with my back to her chest sitting between her legs (not as sus as it sounds, haha)
And she had her arms around me and arghhh *melts*
I really, really like this girl.
I hate trains. And I didn't want to get off.
When I walked out of the carriage, I took a few steps and ran back and hugged her goodbye again, I just didn't want to leave.
I probably won't see her for a month, unless I find a way somehow.

On another note, I'm starting a job today O_O
I don't even know what I'm doing. I need to go into town and buy a black shirt before I go.
It's at a kiosk by the beach. 11am, sharp.
Pretty messed up and confusing, I'll explain it and update on how the day was when I get home (not that anyone's really interested but LOL, I need to talk about it and noone really wants to listen :P)

Hope everyones had a good weekend so far :)


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Hehe that sounds fantastic!

Hehe that sounds fantastic! Yay for happy flirty girl fun. ^^

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