Bisexual stereotype(s)? Are there such things?

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So now I’m curious. I realized I don’t really know what a bisexual stereotype would be. I mean, being completely stereotypical, there are the effeminate, feminine gay men, and the two types of lesbians: butch and femme. But what about bisexual guys? Bisexual girls? Are there really well known stereotypes for these groups? And if so, why don’t I know about them??

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Bisexual people are usually

Bisexual people are usually stereotyped as being complete horndogs. The idea is that they're bi because they want to have sex with everyone. Obviously false, therefore a negative stereotype.

This is a bit opposite, but "emo" and "goth" kids are often stereotyped as being bisexual.
There is also a negative stereotype of bisexual women as craving attention and actually being straight mainly because bisexuality can be a fad among young women who are trying to impress young men.

Also, bisexual people are often called "confused" because they "can't make up their mind about their sexuality", which everyone here should know that this is utter bullshit. It's a stereotype that comes from gay men and women often coming out as bi before telling people that they're actually gay. This, however, does not mean that bisexual people are confused, it just happens to mean they they're into both men and women.

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Pretty much sums it up.

Pretty much sums it up. Stereotyped as really promiscuous. See Todd from Scrubs, haha.

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I agree with underdarkness.

I agree with underdarkness.

The statement below false.
The statement above is true.

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I've seen a lot of it here,

I've seen a lot of it here, and this is like one of the lesbianest schools around. "I've sworn off bi's," "You're bi? Really? Oh." You know. That kind of stuff. I feel a bit odd saying things sometimes, as I'm one of those kids who doesn't really fit the bi label, but use it anyway because I haven't figured out my gender identity.

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Bisexual guys are gays in

Bisexual guys are gays in disguise.

Bisexual girls will end up married [to a man] and have live 40 children after they leave college and never speak of their bisexuality again.

And if the bisexual contingent of Oasis/ the World is upset by this then can they please speak to the 70,000 'bi' girls in the slutty year groups at the Convent and tell them to stop co-opting a sexual indentity if all they want to do is lure Mr Floppy-Haired-Public-School-Rower into a compremising situation in the guest bedroom at the underage party.

Oh also that actual bisexuals (not the schoolgirls and cowardly gays) will invariably end up with an opposite sex partner. And that they talk more about their bisexuality than act bisexually.

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40 kids? Oh dearie, tell me

40 kids? Oh dearie, tell me it ain't so Nostradamus. Imagine the size of my poor cunt. :(

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You have them one at a time... nothing to worry about.


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Well, I'm not male, so the

Well, I'm not male, so the first one is wrong.

I'll be surprised if I have one kid (ok, mental image: woman just given birth saying 'where did that come from???', oh dearie me I'm odd) and I don't plan on getting married, so that's wrong.

Unfortunately, the third one is probably more accurate..
Even more so for the last one.. but then there are more straight guys out there than girls who like girls, and if you are taken, then you can't do much more than talk about it.

The one stereotype I always hear is that we could actually and should make up our minds which sex we like, and that we are just plain greedy sluts.

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how do you act bisexually?

how do you act bisexually? do you have fill certain quotas?

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No no no

No no no, no quotas. Truly acting bisexually is just acting the way that feels right to you - I mean, if you're bisexual, that is. I don't know. To me it seems just like acting straight part of the time (if you're crushing on someone of the opposite sex) and acting gay part of the time (if your crush happens to be of the same sex). The two don't usually mix too much.

How to act like a stereotypical bisexual? See above comments.

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amen to that! jeez. im bisexual and all that is bullshit like you said. i dont want attention..and im NOT emo.. im a normal pretty girl who just happens to like guys and girls ..kinda like tila tequila :]

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Bisexuality is just as valid as being Gay, Lesbian or Trans!

I am Bisexual and have been my whole life. I'm NOT confused, on the fence, promiscuous or stupid! I have had 1 boyfirend and 1 girlfriend in my life thus far and they both ended well, on equal terms. It's insulting to hear people claim that we are all raving nymphos! That's like people claiming "the gays" will spread their "disease" to the rest of the world! It's just not true! (maybe some people, the ones doing it to be "cool" are, but the true ones aren't!)

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Exactly. I swear, sometimes it feels like it must be harder to be bi than flat out gay. It's like even people who claim to be liberal and open-minded, who don't seem to mind gays, get freaked out by bisexuals. That's a shame, and it needs to change.

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The thing I heard

which isn't true was someone saying, I can't remember who or where, to the effect of "There's no such thing as bisexual."
I.E. You're gay or you're straight, and you can't be anywhere in between.

Makes no sense, now, but when I was little I believed it.

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My mom was of this opinion for a while, until I came out to her (I'm pretty much bi). Then she was like... oh... and now she really seems to have changed her mind. It was hard to know she felt that way, but I feel so loved/lucky that she'd rethink things because of me.

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hmmm...look at everything this way:

"At some level we all want to be free of labels and identities. But that is a luxury"- Jonathan Dollimore.

I don't like people asking me things that I answer with "I don't know", because it's is hard to admit that there are a LOT of things I really do not know of.

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Will "fuck anything"
overly horny.

That's all I can think of.

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Extra stereyo types. (From my school.)

Let's see.

Bomo.(Sadly, I laugh at that one..)
Pervert is a main one. Used on the only person who actually came out to tell 'close' friend....


Mama's boy (For bi-sexual males, or manly... Butch, people)

And there's more, but I'm failing to recall.... :D


Let's get this straight I wear black nail polish, and kitty ear headbands I am a Bomo.

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Lemo and Bomo?

What do they mean? I've never heard those terms before.

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Twisties just anotehr way as saying Twisted. And that connects to Bisexuals because they are 'Twisted into liking both sexes."
Mamas boy are for the feme boys at my school, or around my na=eighborhod who are compassionate.. And also for the Butch lesbians with spiked hair, and a strong body.

Lemo is like, someone who leans towards girls, a girl, leaning wtoward a girl girl relasionthip. A bomo is a bi sexual guy. Bisexual Homo
Those were made up by someone in the 4th grade. I usualy pay them no mind.


Let's get this straight I wear black nail polish,
and kitty ear headbands I am a real person.