Breaking bank and laws

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Okay so today was Jesse's bday,and I was thinking of resketching and painting a picture of her but at the last minute I decided to get off my ass and buy her some designer purse.The thing is that there aren't alot of designer stores in Vancouver,so yesterday I talked it out with Jesse's mom and she set me up with a flight to L.A.,she didn't have to but I guess she figured I needed alittle executive help with my plan. I'm not really familiar with purses so I just picked out one.

Anyway Jesse's cousin asked me what made me get Jesse an expensive purse when I could have just took her to dinner. Well I got her the purse because I know how anal Jesse is about purses,that if there not a certain brand she won't buy them. So like 400 bucks (it was actually more) of my hard earned money from working in fast food was spent on my gf. Good thing is that Jesse loved it! I just hope she knows that she's paying for dinner the next time we go out, my grandparents initials aren't A.T.M! And I guess Jesse's mom still likes me after all, even after everything that went down last year between me and Jesse.

So after dinner and presents with Jesse and her family, I took her out driving. We ended up at the country club. It was peaceful,romantic,cheap, and illegal!!!! Jesse was the one who talked me into picking the lock, she said I was a wuss and probably didn't remember my way around a lock since it hadn't picked a lock in 7yrs. Well she just had the need to go swimming there,eventhough her aunt has a pool. For the first time in a long time I had fun,eventhough I was technically breaking the law. And to make it all perfect Jesse had her cd of her favorite Anastacia songs playing on the sound system. We were rocking out to "One Day in Your Life" and "I'm Outta Love" and splashing in the water just like we did when we were kids.