Class Presentation- STUPID HOMOPHOBES!

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So homophobia is normal we all deal wih it at some point and i know theres really no way to stop it i'm just pissed off. SO LET ME FEEL PISSED OFF!
I finally did that english presentation (the one i asked for tons of help on). I expected some bad reactions but i think a total of about 6 people out of 32 didn't roll their eyes, whisper, and just like write me off from the very begining. I have superb hearing so like when people whisper when i'm at the front i can hear everything they say. People were saying some pretty nasty things. So i didn't do all that great on the presentation seeing as how i wanted to run away from the room.
So i had to babysit the Almost-steps today. My almost-step-mom is getting a new job she has 2 job offers at the moment and so we were talking about it and all this other stuff and sometime she just frusterates me because there is soo much stuff i want to tell her but i can't. Like how my father was never around, and he's still never around and that i wish he'd call more and i'm jealous of how often they talk and get his homecooked meals and that he was abusive and crap. ARGH! I'm so frusterated and i needed to vent and so you know Oasis is perfect for venting i figured why not.


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OMG! People is so stupid it

OMG! People is so stupid it just makes me want to rant with you. They are just so stupid!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrgh.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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And your teacher let them

And your teacher let them get away with that crap?
The more presentations you do on those sorts of things the easier it gets to stand up there and ignore the whispering--I did tons of that in high school. It pays off when you get to college too, especially if you make a point of going to a fairly liberal school because then you've got profs rambling on about how wonderful gay penguins are and making you write about homosexuality and how large a problem homophobia really is--and they WANT to hear what you think.

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hey hun :o)

i imagine how nerve-wracking it must be when you are trying to focus on your presentation, while you can see and hear ppl talking shit about you! i remember in grade 12 english this girl named tania was in the middle of presenting her project and these assholes said something stupid about her (completely within earshot), and she burst into tears and ran out of the room. it was awful to witness and i'm sure even awful-er for her :-(
so, congrats on makin it thru ur presentation and being strong!
hiskewl is generally a more hellish place than college/university...
hopefully if or when you pursue a post-secondary education, you'll find yourself in a classroom environment where more than 6 out of 32 people are kind, courteous, and respectful.

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Not surprising, but quite

Not surprising, but quite brave of you to do the presentation though.