Classy, Angry Moms

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So a quickie from me to you on Thanksgiving day in CANADA!

Well the other day these terrible contractors the company we're using to renovate our downstairs washroom (a.k.a. powderroom :) ) showed up for the third time only to have the incorrect materials.

Long story short, for the past month and a half they've led my family around in the wrong direction, when my mother came back she flipped on them on the phone and the business owner himself showed up to measure the granite cuttings. Well, he was silly enough to mess those up, thus screwing the contractors. Therefore my classy mom got very angry.

I loved it. If you've ever read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books (Lyra, anyone?) my mom pulled a Mrs. Coulter. These three middle-aged contractor men were quaking in their boots and my mom somewhat reminded me why she may have flown away other than to go into denial about me being gay. She got an especially good tan or work-out or something and bam, her anger made her look like a supermodel!

And pfft, I do feel bad for kids of mothers everywhere when the mom devolves to the point of bagginess and wrinkles, even though the latter are natural. Still, she seemed charged and then my relatives were there and within the hour they said something about 'Godforsaken faggots' and I was in the pantry and my mom was in the kitchen and it MIGHT have been the remnants of the previous charge, but she TOTALLY FLIPPED on them and I wanted to laugh and felt a smidgeon like crying because it was soooooo maternal instinct into overdrive.

It was hilarious hahahaha. I always think moms make the best drivers too btw. They're experienced with traffic, time constraints, loud noises, pain and willing to inflict pain upon anyone to get in their way... and/or their child's way. Haha. I just listened to Break the Ice/It's Been a While by Britney Spears and remembered my mom's anger the other day and felt like having a kid to get mad at someone else for. If you catch my drift.

Haha, happy days for you too. Almost only just 8 months until high school is done, counting vacation dates, but not weekends.