Collect Call from Lovelyboy, Will You Accept the Charge?

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So. Today. Not long ago. Lovelyboy called me from Rome. It is/was apparently getting near to lunchtime and he is/was going for brunch and he had my number and he called on a whim.


No wonder I call him Lovelyboy! The call was pretty brief, I could tell he was in one of those moderately random moods that I get into fairly often myself and that he had called me on a surge of some emotion. I pretty much wanted to dive into the phone and give him the biggest, best hug I could muster! Here's the very shoddy transcript, my mind is *somehow* elsewhere, despite being called from a foreign country by a boy who is beautiful and randomly kissed me and wasn't disturbed by my calling him previously.

Lovelyboy Lifeline (a.k.a. Operator): Hello blah blah blah you have a collect call from - Lovelyboy - will you accept the charge?
Me: YES, now get off the line and let me talk to my man, bitch.
Lovelyboy Lifeline (a.k.a. Operator): Have a lovely day. (I kid you not, it was practically another sign; whenever someone says 'lovely' my mind zaps to a mental replay of that kiss, his voice and his face)
Lovelyboy: Ciao!
Me: Ciao!
Lovelyboy+Me: HahaLaughterVoicesMinglingOmgHaha
Me: Have you got any other fantastico lingo for me? And I didn't mean to say 'fantastico' on purpose, I just did, I swear! (I feel like a dork again haha)
Lovelyboy: Non molto somethingelseinItalian, I can bust out my handy pocket translator-dictionary for you though! (I say 'handy' with pocket ALL THE TIME in my head, can you tell our minds have melded?)
Me: Haha, okay, well I was about to ask what Casablanca means but I remembered that's SPANISH, so for you, my trusty Italian boy, I'll ask: How do you say "Grapefruit"?
Lovelyboy: Hahahaha, why "Grapefruit"?!
Me: Well if you can't DO it...
Lovelyboy: Haha, no no, or non, non... or whatever, haha!
Me: Haha (I know, my brain cells dissolve more each day)
Lovelboy: Okay, now listen closely as I flip through to find your answer, swarthy sir! (As a personal note, I fixed my shoulders when he said the last part and felt a nice trill but also a 'WTF' questioning to myself at it, even though it seemed mainly comedic)
Me: Haha, alright!
Lovelyboy: You know I'm on a vespa this very second, don't you?
Me: A vespa huh? (I drool imagining him on a vespa in nice Italian sun) What colour? Or let me guess!
Lovelyboy: Yes a vespa and a nice colour and you can guess too! (I practically taste his smile from the other end, meanwhile some horrible financially conscious part of me [who in reality, doesn't care, since I have no real financial worries] notes that *I* am being charged for this random call)
Me: Well speed up the grapefruit translation please, hunnybunch. (I think it sounds different when you say it like 'honey' instead of 'hunny' mmm)
Lovelyboy: Haha.
Me: Careful or you might fall off your pretty vespa. (That's the first time I've ever spoken to a boy and used the term 'pretty vehicle' ever)
Lovelyboy: Okay, okay, here it is; I should make you work for it though after looking so hard for it! (I KNOW, just reading that makes me realize all the dirty/alluring things I could've said, but what I went with was decent for all intents and purposes)
Me: I think you better hurry up and get brunch, the hunger may be getting to you,
Lovelboy: Hahahahaha
Me: omigod have a grapefruit!
Lovelboy: Extrahahahahaha, you're amazing; you know that? (Mentally I say: Jesus H. Christ, that is my tagline on this actual website. Except for the latter part. Which I want to add now. But I also mentally swooned a bit from his saying that, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Me: Thanks, you're pretty unbelievable yourself!
Lovelyboy: Haha, grapefruit in Italian is something along the lines of "pompemlo", or let me try that again with some style...
Me: Haha, that was pretty stylish in and of itself!
Loveleboy: Pompelmo! SomethinginItalianinvolvingthegrapefruitword.
Me: One hundred per-cent adorable.
Lovelyboy: Thank-you, thank-you!
Me: Haha, so where are you heading for brunch?
Lovelyboy: Wherever the wind will take me!
Me: So the home of all that's cliche? (accent on the e, baby)
Loveleboy: Hahahaha, something like that, I actually better get going for the sake of my meal!
Me: Haha, well I hope I didn't keep you, it was nice of you to call! (I almost said 'sweet of you to call' but damn me)
Loveleboy: I'm glad you were available, maybe I'll call you some other time when I'm here, sorry I charged the bill to you!
Me: Haha, don't worry about it, go have some GRAPEFRUIT and say grazzi Canadian style, ok?
Loveleboy: Prego, prego, prego!
Me: Hahahahaha!
Loveleboy: Actually, I'm not sure what prego means EXACTLY, it's one of those words with lots of meanings, mmm.... hasta lasagna!
Me: Haha, have a stellar day! (I stab myself at that point for using galatic lingo, even though 'stellar' is a fine word)

That was about the gist of it, pretty thrilling, much more condensed than the above might seem, we both spoke quickly and understood each other! Gaybonics? :P And now I'll keep wanting to say "hasta lasagna" whenever I have to say good-bye of some sort ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's weird in a way that my school crush who is a major crush somehow pales in comparison to Lovelyboy for me at this moment in time. Hmm. I don't think it's exactly a good thing to be over my major school crush, since I still want to know where he stands on the attraction (to ME) spectrum of things. Oh whatever, I really liked that conversation, and typing it out just brought back fun fun feelings so mmm. I sort of don't find my "ahhhhhhhhhhh!"'s to be as expressive as I'd like so hmm on unearthing a new convention to use. X's and O's :)


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That made my heart feel fuzzy.
Woah, I thought the first one was excited, but this one sounds positively euphoric! Can you tell these sort of things through typing...?

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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Double-posted. Sorry!
*Quietly scampers off, all embarrassed-like.*

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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He's awesome, make sure he

He's awesome, make sure he calls again. Or buy a god damned ticket to Rome, and go. Besides seeing him, you'll collect more miles.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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I got this locked into my

I got this locked into my mind now and it completely fits with how I felt writing that and reflecting on his phone call, somehow! Click it and listen despite the cover, it's a REMIX with a boy!

And noooo, I don't want to be Cinderella, and the remix seems a bit funny at a deeper examination, but it really gels with me right now!

I wouldn't have called it euphoric, but my personal opinion of euphoria is probably very high. Just because I felt really great about the phone call and all the potential locked within the two of us, it doesn't banish away all the wrongs and travesties out there, or the crash and burn likelihood for this chance relationship... if it even is that!

Nontheless (weird or what? Muah, I'm me), I can still feel very dandy, and drift along all 'ella, 'ella for Lovelyboy :)

The song probably stands out right now also because I haven't/hadn't listened to Umbrella in a while, and while I'm not a Chris Brown fan, his voice sounds cutesy here and the whole rap remixed in sounds absolutely cute. Well, the initial parts sure do. Mmm I just think of Lovelboy and I under a rainfall in Rome hahahaha.

You're Amazing.

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aww, ya'lls are adorable.

aww, ya'lls are adorable. I'm jealous.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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This one's a keeper!

aww he called you all the way from Rome! He was on a VESPA! Brownie points to him! This is exciting stuf, you guys are cute as.

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That's pretty much the

That's pretty much the cutest thing I've read/heard all week. And... I mean, Rome. I certainly agree with the poster above who said you should buy a ticket and head over there. XD

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Oh, god, that is so fucking

Oh, god, that is so fucking adorable. All is right with the world, you have restored my optimism!