COllege Awareness DAy

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Wow. I'm in school right now. We're having "College Awareness Day." So far, it's been very amusing. We had to set up Naviance accounts. It's like a planning for college thing. We also had to take an evaluation that asked us how serious we were about attending college. I have nothing against the idea of college in general, but when they force in on us like this, well, it's just laughable. I had fun filling out the profile on ym Naviance avccount. We're going to have to do more "Activities" later. Damn. And school lets out at 12:15, but I have to stay really late becuase of the auditions. Oh, yeah, I had a weird drem last night. It consisted of many diferent things. First, I checked my email. I had 108 new messages. I'm sure it was 108, don't ask why. then I was a dark room with a bunch of people, my spanish teahcer and my friend L were two of them. Oh shit, I have to go now. I'll finish this later...


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Naviance was interesting,

Naviance was interesting, but I didn't finish. They lost my instructions code, so I started later than the rest of my group. While waiting, I looked up stuff on the Birdman of Alcatraz. Weird dreams are fun, aren't they? Except for when you don't get any sleep because of them.

All they can tell you is what they have seen and heard, in their time in this world, a third of it spent in sleep and dreaming, another third of it spent in telling lies. - Ursala K. Le Guin