dont bother reading, nothing of importance, actually

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well, your curious minds got you into reading this. well, im just bored, and it's just that im really really bored with my life, and i think of it as a stagnant water- doesn't move, just remains as it is. then i begin to remember veronika, the character in one of paulo coelho's books? yeah, that miserable dude, we're kind of in the same boat, at least during the 1st few chapters....

it's just that i dont have any distraction as of the moment: no love life, and apparently no sex life, no night-outs when i used to be a night owl before i entered college, and i have stopped going to beaches and working out...oooh my muscles have disappeared, i dunno where they have gone...i miss the saltwater. nothing's really appealing to me right now, and i think this one's way way fucking worse than depression; it's like your dead when you can still feel your heart beat, fingers move and feel your eyes,nose,ears ,and hands respond to every thing,site,food,and sound that show up to you..


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If it's any consolation my

If it's any consolation my life seems to be on permenant hiatus. No job, no university, most of my friends moving away, no love life for three years and counting. I think about it and I get weepy, but you've just got to keep making plans. And then carrying out those plans. Even if it's little plans just to get you from day to day.

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Go to the gym! Go swimming at a pool! Find an alternative pool near you, it will give you something to DO! Scope out websites of nearby gyms for pictures of attractive people you might recognize, then pick one to investigate! Even though you might not start going there, it'd be neat to see it! Stay strong girly!

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