Exams finished!

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School mock exams are finally finished!

I did alright in English. Not as well in Science. I'm happy with maths. History was good. Japanese pretty good... and well eco I screwed it up I didn't finish. I'm probably going to fail my Eco paper.

There goes my honours prize this year.

But still, exams are finished!


Besides that... I pissed off a friend yesterday. Really really badly.

But to get a general idea what he's like...
- He has anger issues
- He doesn't get along well with a lot of my other friends
- He's really into Asian chicks (he's white)
- I know a lot of Asian chicks so he's nice to me
- BUT he invites himself to parties and places I go! WTF!? And it not only pisses me off, it pisses my friends off as well
- I know I should've said no, but like I said he's just nice to me so I can't really be a dick to him

So basically he invites himself to where I go, like first it's this Asian festival... which I can't say no because it's a festival he'll just turn up anyway. Then there's a lot more... then sometimes parties or just inviting himself to city with my friends. And today he invited himself to my friend's house... WTF! But he was driving me around the place before that so I can't say no... And all my friends over there gave me the evils when he walked in too... seriously, I think I'm just way too nice I need to learn how to say no. And he really can't judge situations... obviously people don't want him there he just like being in people's faces. I think he lacks proper social skills... And yeah he can never find the right thing to say wtf (too much to go into but it's something that happened today and he was dragging on about something that obviously is just really awkward to talk about). Jesus Christ, and people also end up thinking there's something going on between me and him... which is obviously not true. Fuck what the hell. I just hate him intruding into my social circle when other people obviously don't want him there.

WTF he's just so annoying sometimes... I don't know what to do. He's such a retard sometimes... But yesterday I pissed him off so much he was even gona leave the city... WTF? Leave the city over something so small? You're kidding me? But I actually felt sorry for him so I called him up, and he went on about shit in his life... which is hardly shit... but what the hell I can't believe I felt sorry for him... he REALLY needs to find some other friends... I'm his friend but he can't use me all the time. Jesus Christ. He has anger issues too, did I say that?


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Too many WTF's.. Don't ya think?