First Breakup

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Well, that girl and I broke up. We still get along. It's weird not touching or kissing, but we'll get used to it. Yesterday she hung out with her ex and I couldn't take it and she said that maybe it wouldn't work and I agreed. But she wants to keep it open, and I tried to break it more cleanly.

I believe we shall still be best friends.

I also think she may be crushing on me a bit more than I on her.

I feel OK. I felt so terrible half the time we were dating that it's a bit of a relief. But I suspect tomorrow I'll feel sad.


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hey, you. I've wandered my way back to oasis. It made my day to see a journal entry by you pop up (I've had a chem test and a math test, so it was a pretty sucky day). College. I used to think college was the solution to everything in my life. I'm disappointed that the reality is less than that, but high school in London is proving to be quite an adventure. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend over a similar matter. I think you did better than me, though, because once i realized i didn't really like her and had just wanted a girl to be with, I was too ashamed and angry to have any relationship at all with her (which I now regret). You know that statistic, that you are more likely to be murdered by someone you know than by a stranger? I have a feeling if that happens, it's going to be her ;). She was a little psycho.

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Oh god, I'm not sure what

Oh god, I'm not sure what I'd do if my girlfriend and I broke up. She's undeniably my best friend, so I'd be forced to still confide in her and be with her all the time, if only out of habit. Not touching/kissing would be horribly weird.

It sounds like you're better off broken up though. So for that, I'm happy. :-)

Good to see a post from you. It's been awhile.