First Good Day In A While

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It started out pretty typicaly, with me slightly depressed and with the added stress of tomorrow's PSATs, but even in homeroom things started looking up. We had this PSAT lady come in and I found out that they don't include a 20 minute essay section (please, I can barely write a paragraph in that time) like the English teacher said, and that the test doesn't even count this time because I'm only in 10th grade, so even if I bomb it won't matter. I also got my MCAS scores back and I got advanced! w00t! Even better, me & my friend N skipped lunch and just hung out in the bathroom. It may not sound like much, but she's one of my best friends and us having no classes together this year paired with her having a mom that doesn't let her out of the house means that the only contact we've had lately was the occasional quick word in the hallway. So just sitting and talking with her was so rare that I took the opportunity and came out to her. She's slightly homophobic so I was half expecting her to dump me as a friend, but loe and behold, she was more cool with it than I had dared to hope and even hugged me after. Emboldened, I also cam eout to my friend C. She didnt even care, but then I didn't expect her to. So now everyone who I wanted to hear it from me has and I don't care who else finds out (with the exception of my family). Pretty good for one day huh?


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I'm so glad that you had a good day! Hopefully tomorrow'll be just as good. Bye now.

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Awesome! May I say I am just

Awesome! May I say I am just a bit jealous?

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