from a rockstar dude to a playboy bunny!!

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please allow me to bitch around.just for now.

omg. so i saw my crush's pictures on one of my friends' sites, and i was uber uber shocked!! well, my crush used to be a pretty boy (for me.haha)- she used to dress like a rockstar, as in like matt bellamy! but now, she looks so girly now!! if before she doesnt like wearing plunging necklines, well she does now... she had her haircut short too (well, she always have her hair cut short) but now, it's too girly for me- imagine nicole richie's bob on audrey hepburn. haha. cuz a lot say that she looks like audrey hepburn.

my crush is also a very good friend of mine, but we dont talk that much anymore because i dunno...we may have been very busy lately, and we go to different colleges already (our colleges are like east and west. trust me) so we have never seen each other lately.

and i dunno, it's like we've 'switched' our personalities: before i used to be 'girlier' than she was, but now it was otherwise. okay, so may tell me that ive been judging her 'girly-ness' on just pictures. well, partly you're correct.haha. and partly because im kind of pissed at her because whenever i hold some get-togethers and parties, she doesnt come. but in 'other-sponsored' parties and get-togethers, she comes..oh well..what's up with that..yeah, im jelling...

how can i tell her that im upset with her when we cant even talk? on the phone, chat, in person...we can't. as much as we want (well, at least for me) to, we cannot. our sembreaks arent even the same! when she started her break, we were having our midterms then. and when i started mine, she's back to school, and i know she's busy because her course is one of the difficult ones...oh well..