From inside Entrepreneurship

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So right now I’m suppose to be doing entrepreneurship… but I’m not of course… We’re in the computer lab UGH! Everything good except Oasis is blocked. You can’t look at pictures or get to any site other then stupid ones. Even some of the government Canada ones are blocked? Why the fuck do you block our own government websites? Why is the school so stupid.
So this morning when I was taking my shower and I looked down and I’m like “OH FUCK!” There on my knee, well if you can call it my knee ( it was 2 times it’s normal size but just below my knee cap is this huge red thing.. I don’t even know what it is. And then a huge bruise as well. It hurts soo bad.. like to bend it and just sitting here is painful!
I think I’m gunna take some drugs… Over the counter drugs.. I don’t believe in illegal ones. Not the I don’t believe in Santa but a I don’t believe I should use them type thing.