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As in the strong, silent Old Navy commercial from my homeroom is finally doing something to me.

Yes, "finally":
All through September I was vaguely worried when he wasn't doing anything to me. Actually, I barely felt anything for anything, then. Testosterone, I've come to realize, doesn't seem to be the sort of thing that likes come in particularly even doses for me.

But now.
*Melts into puddle*.

It doesn't help, (*reconstitutes*), that I have yet to figure who fits into this year's 10% gayness quota. It just gives me that much more hope.

I mean, seriously. This guy is, gasp!, s-o-o-o c-u-u-u-u-u-...

*Covers Mouth*
Did I really just say that? My God, talk about boy-crazed teenager. I feel like I'm quoting some clichéd TV show.

I'm going out for some Perspective and Tonic. Sorry for subjecting you to this, *grabs coat*, be back in a bit!


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Love it.

I do, that's great, pass me some tonic too; I don't want that Perspective nonsense though, mais merci!

My advice for you would be to work on identifying those more-likely to be less-than straight boys around you, so if you develop a crush at least SOME part of your mind already knows it's probably a flight of fancy.

Mmm, but flights of fancy reminds me of the real-people remake of Peter Pan from years back, and the male lead was s-o-o-o c-u-u-u-u-u-t-...
you might as well take advantage of the attractions while you've got them.

Attractions on more than one level, as in - the pretty bois, the fantastical sights, the new experiences, and especially the emotional carousel, rollercoaster and Tower of Terror you'll get to visit. So grab hold and don't let go. For all you know, most of the people around you think you're gay anyway - from reading what others have posted here, hmm as to staying closeted when all may have already revealed itself. But then again I'm typing from my bubble of diluted bliss atm.

You should watch Children of Men if you haven't, it's a good movie. Stay cool.

You're Amazing.