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There's a GSA meeting coming up really soon, and I need help thinking of good discussion topics and other things to keep people busy. Usually we'd just get together and start organizing for our next event/activity, but we just had this big Activity Presentation to the school, and we're hoping to get more members. Because of this, we don't want to jump right into all this activisim stuff, and scare people away... so I need help thinking of good topics so that we can have a good discussion at the GSA.

Any help?

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Some good standbys are: gay

Some good standbys are:
gay vernacular/terminology/jokes
homophobia and how to deal
gay movies, gay celebrities
societal pressures, stereotypes
My school gsa is debating "out vs. outspoken"
Or, you could show gay movies. That's always fun. ^^
Ooooor, swap coming-out stories. Nat'l coming out day is soon, after all.

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