Guess who has to dress up in a big monkey suit tomorrow? That's right...

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See, a few days ago my mom asked me if I could help out at the book fair at my siblings' elementary school. (My school has a year-round calendar, and I'm on break right now, so I'm available.) She looked really flustered and stressed. Apparently, they need someone to dress in a giant Curious George suit on Tuesday (AKA tomorrow). Why? Beats me. Entertainment for the little munchkins, maybe? Anyways, she looked really, really flustered, and she's been so stressed lately, what with having six kids to take care of, so yeah, I said I'd do it. Tomorrow I'm going to be dressed in a giant monkey suit.

My oldest younger sister keeps teasing me about it. Wow, that made no sense, did it? Okay, I have two younger sisters (or three, if you count my little cousin who just joined the family). I am the oldest kid in my family. My younger sister who is the oldest of my younger sisters keeps teasing me about the giant monkey suit thing. So she's the second oldest of all the kids. Does that make sense now? Oy, it's weird describing all of these siblings (and cousins).

The two cousins who just moved in are pretty nice. They're not that bad, really. I'll call them C and K on here. C is a four-year-old boy and K is a six-year-old girl. C is small, bouncy, and hyper and has absolutely gorgeous brown eyes. K is tall and blonde and likes me. A lot. She loves to hug me, and she tells me "You're funny," and "You're pretty," a lot of the time. It's really flattering, actually. I do silly stuff in front of her and she laughs. They're both going to school now.

For a while now I've been trying to get my younger siblings into Disney movies. (My two younger siblings who are four and six years old, like K and C, not my oldest younger sister, who's twelve.) See, I practically grew up watching animated Disney musicals. Aladdin, Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Hercules, Cinderella, you name it. But for the longest time, the kids never watched them at all. They watched newer cartoons, which SUCKED, because Disney cartoons rock! Yes, they have dumb little princesses in them who never, ever seem to be capable of rescuing themselves from predicaments, and I really hate that. But a lot of them are really fun movies to watch. There are these really funny physical actions that go on in them. In the movie Hercules, Hades has blue flames burning on his head instead of hair (and weirdly, they don't even hurt him). Near the end of the movie, Hercules' horse Pegasus blows out his hair, like this: *whoosh* It's funny! It doesn't sound nearly as funny when I describe it as when it does when you actually see it, though.

Yesterday I watched part of the movie Sleeping Beauty with C (he actually wanted to watch it!) before he got bored with it and asked if we could watch Hercules instead, and somebody actually GETS DRUNK in that movie! There is a drunk person in a Disney movie! No lie! King Stefan and King Hubert are drinking scotch to celebrate the return of Princess Aurora from the cottage in the woods, and the servant who brought in the tray the bottle was on kept on sneaking sips from the bottle when they weren't looking. The kings started singing and dancing, and the servant brought out an acoustic-guitar-thingy to play while they did so. The servant was looking really loopy. His tongue was sticking out and his eyes were sort of rolling around. Then one of the strings on the guitar broke. Then King Hubert spills a lot of the scotch and the servant guy catches it in the hole in the guitar and starts drinking out of it. Then he falls under the table and passes out.

Wow, I had completely forgotten about that part. It was flipping hilarious!

My four young siblings/cousins love the movie Hercules now. I watched it with them yesterday, and they thought it was flipping awesome, which rocks. Long live Disney! :p