Gushing over futile obsessions

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Okay, I just have to obsess for a moment. Oh my god!!! The Yankees lost today, which means they're out of the playoffs!!! HAHA!!! And the Red Sox are going on to the next round!!! Yeah!!! Okay, this is where all my support goes when I'm not gushing over the school football team.... :-) Me happy now... Me Soooo Happy XD


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Haha that's great, if only I

Haha that's great, if only I were a baseball fan!

You're Amazing.

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I suppose you can call me a

I suppose you can call me a Red Sox fan. In the 'if you do not love this team you will be disowned' kind of way. I'll go ask my mom if she's heard the Yankee's are out of the playoffs...she hasn't danced around squealing, so I don't think she's heard.

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