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So this is basically my thesis. I need some help forming it. It’s for an english project where we had to pick a subjuect that could be related to these essays we’ve written. And then we have to get facts to support the thesis and make a presentation. I think she mostly wants it to focus on Canada but there aren’t many facts that I can find.
I need facts, stats, link.. I NEED HELP!!!
Here’s the thesis… “Serious problem surrounding the GLBT community.
Intolerance of GLBT is high in North America this needs to end. “
HELP ME!!!! Even making abuot thesis statement.. I only have the weekend!!!


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Well you could contrast

Well you could contrast America and Canada pretty starkly. For instance, America wants to rewrite their Constitution to exclude gays, Canada was the first country in the world to allow gay marriage. Canada also legalized marijuana around the same time, whereas the US has much more stringent laws.

Using that as a thesis starter; I'd go with: The intolerance of the GLBT community in America bears no resemblance to Canada's acceptance of the same community.

OR, considering what that the Conservative gov. wants to look over gay rights here and revoke gay marriage, you could say they are SIMILAR. Try for Canadian gay sadness that's rather recent.

You could also say that Toronto is the epicenter for the GLBT community worldwide, and contrast it to other notable cities in the world; point out that NYC still has hate crimes, Hong Kong is WTF etc. etc. OR, there were gay bath house police raids in Toronto and the police there are messed in terms of violating gay rights sometimes, so you can argue that: Even the seemingly most GLBT tolerant locations in North America carry the mark of GLBT hate. Then cite examples in major cities galore.

Just google 'wiki gay' and you'll get tons of stuff in the articles on there.

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Thanks soo much... I'll keep

Thanks soo much...
I'll keep some of the stuff in mind.
See i had though of lots of thesis but somehow i have to tie into this one essay we read about native's and tolerance for one another... And the teacher is really picky... she doesn't even know what i'm i'll be like "SURPRISE!"
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Actually do 'homosexuality

Actually do 'homosexuality wiki' and you'll get much better results, there's a TON of stuff there; look at:

a reeeeeeeally nice map of the state of affairs in the world haha. If the essay stuff began with natives, look at the things there are about native peoples and 'two-spirit' persons who were basically transgendered or gay. Or say that 'Native populations who thousands of years ago accepted GLBT individuals are presently intolerant of such people.'

Good luck :)

You're Amazing.