HE'S GONNA BLOW!!!!: Me yelling at my dad over the Internet.

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And I'm squinting partly because a), I broke something significant in the computer, and am now totally graphics-less, leaving me to write a journal entry with nothing but a squint-worthy command prompt; and b), stupidity just makes my eyes tense. Like...this, for example:

"We-el" (said my well-intentioned, yet tragically ignorant father) "if this girl had a crush on you then why didn't you try--you know--going with her? Just to see if you really are...you know. Because you never know until you've tried, and you're still pretty young, so..." (*Awkward Pause on my part, smug grin on his*) "...so, what I guess I'm trying to say is, you're still young, and you can't really know yet, because you're too naive to have an opinion that counts yet; and I'm older so, even though it's your brain, your body, your BONERS at GUYS, for God's sake; it still gives me the right to pretend I know more about you than you do yourself, and yes, I really am enough of an ARROGANT PINHEAD TO BELIEVE IT!!! Uh-huh, I know you're keeping an open mind about it, like I told you to, but it's NOT CAPITULATING TO MINE, so SMARTEN UP AND CLOSE IT A BIT!!!"
*Smoke out of ears*
"YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO TELL!!!" he practically screamed after me as I went for a brisk walk to the library.
Or, at least that's what I heard...


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Hmm...what's wrong with your

Hmm...what's wrong with your computer, do you have any idea? I hate it when random things go wrong with my computer, but they're usually fixed by restarting it once or twice.

Ugh...'too young to tell?' One of my friends uses that arguements against my other friend and I all the time! She's a day older than me, and 28 days older than my friend, so of course she's not too young to know she's straight...It's so annoying how that arguement's only used against GLBTA people, never straight people.

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Silly Puppy :(

Well did you actually go to the library? And on the positive side, since your dad is clearly in major denial, things may only go uphill from here! You should have told him to consider making out with a guy because you don't KNOW if you're really straight until you try that and see what your reaction is like!

Or, when you're more calm, tell him that he might be right, but at this point you feel very sure about this and you appreciate his input but if you become straight, you'll let him know, until then, please just assume you're gay and leave it at that.

Go give me some advice!

You're Amazing.

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that's what parents are like... slightly retarded at times. what can ya do. my mom kept trying to set me up with dudes for a while. i was like, i have no problem meeting guys, in fact guys love me... i just don't love them back. if u want to help, u can try to find girls who might wanna date me. altho, you are being honest with your father, which is good.

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Using the same logic, couldn't you just sleep with some guys and realize you're straight if you don't like it? They should be encouraging you to hook up and get it out of your system. :-)


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parents are people too!

Alright but you are really young. And in your father's eyes your still basically a baby. Look at it his way- if you're almost a grown-up adult then that would make him really, really old. Your father probably doesn't see himself as really, really old.

And when you wriggled into the world- his little baby boy- he probably didn't have 'gay son' on the shortlist of things you'd turn out to be. Not because he'd be disappointed to have a gay son, but simply because it just doesn't cross the minds of most parents.
Who knows what fathers expect their sons to be? I think my dad expected to take my little brother to West Ham matches and play kick about in the park. Well frankly my brother's a little ponce, but my dad still signs him up for the West Ham fan club and buys him football boots for Christmas.

The point?

I'm sure your dad's trying his best, but it's natural for him to want to try and mold you into the son he envisioned. Not right, but natural.
It's unfair to expect him to understand right now- if he never understands then that's different, but for the time being just try to forgive him and laugh at him behind his back.

He needs his time just as much as you needed your time (I'm assuming) to figure out your sexuality in the first place. One day he will be old and you'll be an actual adult and hopefully he'll realise how stupid he was being.