High school parties are funny

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Friday night me,Sarah,and Jesse went to a party its fun. Jesse got drunk off her ass, as soon as we got to the party. Sarah jumped into a game of strip poker,it was funny Sarah didn't even know how to play poker,so she was losing fast. I just hung out with a few of Jesse's friends in the corner. I got hit on by a couple of guys,they were sooo wasted it was sad. After an hour someone told me Sarah was losing really bad,so I went and rescued her. I helped her win her clothes back. It wasn't exactly a fair game,since the guys were cheating the entire time,so when I got through with them,they were down to their boxers. I kinda felt bad,I didn't tell them my uncle plays poker professionally oops!

Anyway Jesse was acting slutty which was to be expected since she was drunk. She was all over this one chick,then moved on to some jock. Jesse's sister told me that she saw Jesse and the guy go into the back with another couple. I of course when and got Jesse out of there. Its was alittle after midnight when Jesse's sister said she wanted to go,so I went and got Sarah and Jesse, but Jesse didn't want to go yet,so I left her there and told her I would come back for her.

I dropped Jesse's sister off at home,then I dropped Sarah off at home then went back to the party to get Jesse, and of course when I get there she's nowhere to be found! One of Sarah's friends told me Jesse had left with the jock from earlier right after I left. So I asked around about the jock,someone told me where I could find him,so I bolted,(if i didn't have Jesse back by 2 her aunt would freak) Anyway I finally found Jesse and the jock they were at his friends house. The jocks friends had the nerve to ask me for i.d., I mean I know I don't look anywhere near 19,maybe 16! I told them I was there for Jesse,they said they didn't know a Jesse. I just pushed them outta the way and walked right in. I found Jesse laying on the floor in the livingroom. I picked her up and walked her out to my car. I put her in the back,I didn't want her to puke near me! I finally got her home and her sister helped me get her inside and into her room.

I stayed there til this morning(I slept on the floor),when Jesse's aunt woke me up and thanked me for getting her home safe. Jesse's aunt asked me what had happened why I brought Jesse home after her sister. I told her that Jesse had been drinking and left the party and I had to go find her. Thankfully Jesse's aunt is cool with Jesse drinking just as long as someone is around to watch after her. I told her aunt that it was nothing new. In all the party was fun,drunk high school parties are funny.


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Aww wow, you're a great

Aww wow, you're a great friend :)
Hope you had fun too though, haha.

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Way to go on the friendship scale!! And good job keeping your head above water in Partyland, you should find a drunk non-friend like Jesse to snuggle with when you're both drunk, okay?

You're Amazing.