Homecoming..... ahhhhhh

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I am high off the scent of her hairspray.
I am gliding on air right now.
Homecoming was fricking amazing. I danced with her the whole night, and we slow danced to Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" (acoustic version) and we were so close. The rest of the world just fell away. I felt so alive. Her hair in my face, breathing, just taking her in. Oh.
She looked so beautiful. She's beautiful all the time, but tonight, oh my god. Wow. I couldn't take my eyes off her.
Apparently she's over the guy she likes, and apparently she's bi-curious, but no one gets over someone they like that fast.
I really hope that there's some small chance that she likes me back. And I wonder if she felt as alive as I did.


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Wow, so glad for you.

Wow, so glad for you. Sounds magical. :)

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yours so lucky to know

yours so lucky to know someone like that.
Best of luck to both of you.