I am entirely out of my mind...

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Because I'm in love. And I have been for years. Stars shine a little brighter but the nights linger a little longer. That's when I miss her the most. The nights where I would be falling asleep in her arms if she was here. And for a while, I was lost. A blank face in a world of comotion. Part of me knows 100% who I am. And part of me is still looking. I am no longer lost, if anything, I am a little more found after she says I love you. She's coming to visit again in a few weeks. I can't wait. And there are so many people who are afraid of losing me to her. But I have promised nothing. Except to her, she's got it all. This girl dominates my thoughts daily, everything reminds me of her. I'm okay with this. I've come to the realization that it's pointless for me to attempt to be intimate with another girl. I end up calling them by her name. And nothing measures up to the way it is/was with her. Two years and some odd months and we still discover more about each other that we never knew. She has the ability to inspire me to uncover my burried dreams and fight for them like never before. I find myself in her. She's 2383 miles away and it would take me 34 hours and 46 minutes to get to her, but she's with me all the time. I love her...So I wait...I'm getting this second chance at the future we had planned. Life takes unexpected turns and sometimes, you get a second chance. I love her...Soon I'll be counting days until she's in my arms again...


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*huggles* These gots peanuts


These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!