I don't know what to do next

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I don't want to say this at all but I realy need some guidence and if I can't say it online then where? About an hour ago D (the bf) called & said bassicaly that he owed his grandmother & aunt over $500 by the end of the month or he might get kicked out which just totaly blew my mind. We talked forever about how to deal with it and eventualt decided to look for jobs all over town tomorrow and we would both work together to pay it off. I was more optamistic now because it seemed sort of more managable. So we started talking about other things and he brought up there four guys he knows a few streets away that are basicaly pimps and who pay like $800 an hour, and then he suggests that I work for them for a while to pay off my debt. At first I thought it was a joke so I haughed along wth him but he wouldn't let it go and I started to realise that he was actualy serious bout this. No matter how many times I said no he just didn't seem to get that I'm not some slut who'd willing to fuck some random guy on the off chance that he might get kicked out or that if he cared about me at all he would never ark me to do something like that. And he had the nerve to call ME selfish, what the fuck kind of twisted reasoning is that?! God, how did I not se what a fucking asshole he is? Iknow I should've, none of my friends like him and It's not like he's been a perfect angel until now but he's always been so nice to me that I just thought we could make it work. Let's consider my naivate concerning him gone. And I know that there' going to be at least one person on here who ill say I'm overreacting, that he probably was realy jost kidding, but trust me, he wasn't.

And now here's the part that's gonna make me sound stupid. Even being this mad at him, I still want to help him pay off the money because now that he got me involved, if he gets kicked out and I know there was something I could have done something about it I'll feel endlessly guilty that I didn't. I just don't know what I'm gonna do.

When I said I didn't know if I should help him I meant by GETTING A JOB.


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DON'T DO IT. There are all

DON'T DO IT. There are all kinds of books out there about things like this. This is how it starts. Asking for a favor, not only is prositution ILLEGAL it's another excuse for him to be a jerk. The end of the month is a week away. He had to have known this before now. Don't let this boy be stupid and involve you in it. I may not know you, but I think you're smarter than that. There are other ways to get him out of this situation than for you to turn tricks. You are not over reacting. Don't second guess yourself on a matter like this.
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i meant by GETTING A

i meant by GETTING A JOB
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uhm, HELL NO. I was just

uhm, HELL NO. I was just gonna come on here, read a little, go to bed. But then i saw this and just had to say something. I don't know how serious you are, or the little details, but based on what I've read, he has NO right to put you in that position and in NO way should you feel obligated to pull through with it, or feel any guilt//blame yourself when he gets kicked out. You are what, 16ish?? ... .. NO. You offered to to go out looking for a job for him, to work your ass off for him to get him the money he needs to stay at his aunts/grandmothers, that is all you can do! THAT is all you can do. If he is a good man, he should see that, and he should know that you are doing all he can do. Is there no one else, no other friends or anything, anyone that he could loan money from? or if he gets kicked out, anywhere cheap he could stay until he saves up enough money to pay em off?

If you get involved in that kinda trade, there;s a chance they'll come back to you and ask for more, .. .so don't even think about getting involved. You're young, and no woman (or man!) should ever be asked to do something that can put them in a potentially dangerous position. No one should ever be forced, or guilted into doing something that makes them feel uneasy. All you can do, is everything that you can, THAT at the same time, doesn't screw you over as well. Think of all the consequences that could follow, and I know this sounds horrible, but don't let him drag you down with him. If you go through with it, let the 'pimps' use you, you're falling into someone else's hole. and once you're in that hole, it's hard to get out. often what happens is people just continue digging cuz' hey, if you can't go up, only place is to go down down down.

It's understandable that he's felling stressed and desperate, I would too for sure, but never should he have asked you do that. If you chose to say no to him, and he still asks you to do it, i say ditch him. Or atleast break it off until he gets things sorted out and his mind straightened out, cuz' seriously, atleast in my opinion, this seems like a pretty serious situation. And from an outsiders point of view, i think the right answer is obvious, although i'm sure you already knew too, but i felt like i had to say something to back it up!

I wish you both good luck!

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homeboy's an asshole...

let HIM go cocksucking to make the $500+
and DUMP HIS SORRY ASS (if you haven't already).
it's not your job to take care of him, or ensure him shelter, money, or security. you're not his fucking mother.
you can be there for him, you can support him emotionally, you can be a good friend. but you should NOT put your own health and safety at risk to help him, and if he truly expects you to do that, he's a loser and he doesn't deserve to have you in his life.

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No way!

I agree with the others - DON'T DO IT! He has no right to expect that of you, and it could potentially end up very dangerous for you, with serious, continuing consequences. Trust your gut - you're obviously not stupid. As for the money, it's very kind of you to try and help him out, but remember that it's HIS problem in the end - not yours. Don't let him tell you otherwise, or try to guilt trip you into anything. Is there not some friend he could borrow the money from till he can earn it to pay back? Or perhaps a financial service?? Maybe that's something to investigate - there are companies that offer short-term loans, but I don't know about the age situation. Make sure it's a proper, professional company though, not some backyard scammers. And DON'T put your name to any paperwork - I don't know where you are located, but here (in Oz) if a partner is named as "backup" (there's a term for it, I forget), they can end up having to pay the whole loan if the other one skips town. I don't want to offer advice if it's not called for, but I have to say, given the info you've provided - I would seriously be considering finishing the relationship with him totally. Obviously though, you know the situation better than I, and that's something that only you can decide. Anway, hope you get it all sorted out eventually.